If asked, what training would you do as C1 (Unpaid)?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dry_Clean_Only, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. All training; I do it for the love of it

  2. Drill nights and Friday evenings

  3. Just drill nights

  4. Only AT

  5. None, I'm a merc and merc's get paid

  1. Lots of chatter on the availability of MTDs, limits being imposed and some the possibility of C1 (unpaid training) being mandatory for drill nights, Friday starts and for AT for most.

    For most units, it's still a lot of hot air and gossip, but if the question was asked, what training would you do unpaid :?
  2. AT at most.

    For those up the CoC working on this - Just imagine addressing the assembled ranks of a Regular Bn with a message along the lines of:

    " Right lads, The Govt is a tad short of readies right now, so I'm afraid we are only going to pay you when you are actually deployed on Ops, in the field or on PTD. Those who are planning on attending Ex Grand Prix - the Pay Office is taking deposits for the flights now."
  3. we've had people near the 50 limit volunteering to do courses as C1 because they want or need the course - and being told they can't. Presumably it would be bad PR if it got out that the army cant afford to pay its part time soldiers.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Especially with no public debate on the matter....
  5. I think we are in for an interesting few months.

    I forsee some urgent back pedalling when all the tasks that currently get done by TA soldiers helping out in TA centres during the week start not being done. Also the paid admin done by TA officers & SNCOs at home will be affected to detriment of unit efficiency. I trust PSAOs will start saying a firm 'no' to Bde's random weekday requests for TA troops for demos/trials/whatever so some of the pain will be felt higher up.

    Probably the first thing that will happen is that a relaxation will allow some of the 50 days allocated to non-attenders to be used by the keen attenders.

    I've been trying to figure out in my own mind if someone that accepts the chain of command's suggestions to attend training as C1 should be considered a "good lad" or a scab/brown noser ?

    Imagine the outcry if it was decided to cut regular's pay pro-rata to allow for Weds afternoons as they are only doing sport....
  6. Does this apply to RMR and RAF Reserves as well?
  7. None. And never have. If my services are valued that little, then I'll keep them to myself, TYVM.
  8. I can't believe how many want to get paid for AT.
  9. Presumably regulars get paid when doing AT ? and they would often do a lot more than one weekend a year.
  10. Personally I don't mind doing AT for free, as long as I don't have to pay too much to do it, if its not subsidised to some degree then there's little point in doing it through the TA. As for doing drill nights for nothing that is defintely a no. I didn't join for the extra cash but my job doesn't pay pop star wages, I don't think I could afford to do TA if that were the case (I can only just afford to do it now!). Unfortuneatly i'm in the position that if I don't get a decent pay rise at work in the next 8 months or so I may have to bin TA for a second job that pays better than the money I currently get from TA.
  11. Um - it's a part time JOB. Especially now that the cold war weekend warrior drinking club has been erased. You can't have your cake and eat it CGS/MOD - get real. If you want a part time Army, then expect to pay for it.

    If I am in uniform, legitimately undertaking training or making a contribution in some way, I expect to be paid. Remember that I don't then claim the myriad of legitimate claims that regulars take for granted - partly because I can't be bothered and partly because I don't understand them so you are already winning anyway.

    The only reason that they are offering C1 is to maintain the insurance cover - if they could, they would remove that as well which is, in it's own right, scandalous.

    I get paid for AT because it is a vital element of the broad training experience of being in the military, as is watching military trg videos, standing on a cold range all day for 15 minutes of firing, completing OJARs etc etc. If you're in the organisation, you're in.

    It's not the pay as such, it's the bloody principle. If you want me to effect a meaningful role in your organisation where you all get paid handsomely - pensions, school fees, houses etc etc , then don't take me for granted and continue to pay me appropriately.

    If you don't, and thus break the understanding between us, then goodbye.

    I can vote with my feet and will.
  12. Presumably they may also do a lot more tours and sh1t jobs to justify a paid 'holiday' than your average TA soldier.
  13. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Interesting viewpoint, have you just joined or are you just another bitter armchair warrior with little to add beyond ill-thought out spoutings?
  14. I hope this doesn't turn into a STABS v ARABS argument.

    For my part, I love my time in the TA and there are some aspects I would happily not get paid for. Give me a well made decent calibre rifle, some hessian, scrim and a mixed cover training area and I'm yours! :D However, expect me to do it regulalry or when the MOD wants me to and then NO, I do a job, I'm a professional and I expect to be paid as a professional. Tuesday nights you can stick up your Arrse though. I need extra pay to turn up for most of those! :roll:

    As an addendum/ aside though:

    Last night we had a good brief from our OC about the changes that are going to happen to us. In summary:

    We have an AT weekend this weekend which guys are having to PAY FOR (towards)
    MTD's are capped and the budget is held by the Coy not Bn. giving the Coy more freedom to allocate resources
    TA is going to turn full circe again and will require specialists such as snipers, Assault Pioneers and playground builders (don't know the nemonic for that one; cimic?) so expect more old courses such as TA sniper etc to be available/ resurrected :D
    Also units unlikely to deploy as units to theatre and annual camp may well end up being individuals/ sub units being attached to regular exercises (seem to remember a hot debate on another thread about this very point!)
    As ever, WAIT OUT!
  15. msr

    msr LE

    No, sorry, it's casual labour.