if an army union was started who would join?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by copey, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. there are lote of things we hate about the job, and lots of tossers who ask us to do pointless and mundane tasks. but would they be the same if you threatened to go to the union!! ???

    some people are bound to disagree but the army does take away a loty of your rights, essentially once you have signed the paper they own you!

    taking away peoples rights and messing folk around for no good reason often puts a bitter taste in some folks mouths, so

    if there was a union who would join it?
  2. Fcuk off Leftie.
  3. Sorry mate, the European Union is enough for me...
  4. Whinging scalies.
  5. Frankly, your post is rather pointless and ill-considered.

    There has been a serious debate about forming a British Armed Forces Federation in the Current Affairs forum for several weeks. Many people consider there to be a great deal of merit in having a federation, or similar organisation, to help support service personnel. This would not be a trade union. The Armed Forces will never (quite rightly) be allowed to take industrial action and to suggest that they should is extremely unprofessional.

    The media have already picked up on the debate about forming a federation and questions have been asked in the Lords.

    The sensible thread is here for those that would like to read it and comment sensibly.

    If you truly wish to improve conditions of service for soldiers, I would suggest that you should refrain from making such remarks in future.
  6. There are many fine RS blokes around. Unfortunately they are given bad press by tossers like you.
    Do you not fu**ing understand anything about the principles of army life.

    NCO - Sig Fu**wit I require you to do that highly dangerous but vitally important task!!

    Sig Fu**wit - well I need to consult with the shop steward to ensure its in my remit, then we have to consult the lads, then because it has not been previously agreed we need to BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM (all dead)

    Why don’t you just go to your admin office, get a form, sign it and F**k off

    Sorry everyone, rant over
  7. Q.Who would join a union?

    A. All the commies and fags who shouldn't have joined up in the first place.

    I shall summarize by quoting The Simpsons when Barney replies to Lisa after she has suggested that everyone stops eating meat and should have gaspacio soup instead......
  8. Don't like it? - Then fcuk off and be a binman! Toss-pot!
  9. Hmmmm World Cup coming up, maybe some sort of industrial action on match days in protest at something cunningly plausible is not such a bad idea...
  10. I dont want a union, but I do want a voice.

    ARRSE is my only voice at the moment and a damm good one but who in authority listens or reads it
  11. And who would listen to a union which has no power to negotiate or strike? Now go away and be quiet.
  12. Why do you want to strike. negotiation and respect of other peoples problems is the way, not the leftie strike views. Look at the trouble the tubes, firemen, miners, etc caused the country being self-centred sh*ts
  13. You'd be suprised, keep talking
  14. Merlin, I have just aboutf***ed my career up in the last few weeks with some of the threads that you and I have commented on, so I have learned to be quieter and less bitter and twisted.

    P.S. any answer to my PM
  15. bobos, I strongly suggest you read through the threads about a Federation in the Current Affairs forum. Don't jump in until you have read them all as you will be delighted to see that some of your concerns will indeed be included. If you stop and think about it, you probably don't want a union either.