If a medal could be a walt - it would be this.

what a fcuking mong!! :roll: i,m sure we had something simular on here a few weeks ago!!!maybe someone could start the bidding! :wink: and ask the seller some questions! :x
The seller is also flogging an MC.

Hmmm, I haven't got one of those yet...

(Where does the engraving go?)
No self respecting Walt would be without his VC.


Ok only a copy but what do you expect for a tenner?
Disgraceful, the only reason someone would buy that is so that they can walt it up in the pub. Wankers.
An empty box for the empty heads that will buy that sort of thing.
judging by his past e bay history he,s the pied piper of fcuking walts!!! 8O

Shoot 'em.

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