If a copper wanted to use your toilet...?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dazmart, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. How would you or someone in your house react to this?

    "I read that one police force has reviewed its health and safety policy and whilst not wanting to encourage officers to return to the police station for refreshments, they are keen for breaks to be taken in public areas.

    Acknowledging that public toilet facilities aren't always readily available, it has been suggested that especially in residential areas, police officers should consider asking householders if they could use their 'facilities' as most people would have no objection.

    If a copper knocked at your door and asked to use your toilet, would you be happy to let him in to do so?"

    ...so, how would you react to a cross-legged copper knocking at your door?

    Do you think this is an acceptable/good idea?
  2. i would tell him to fcukoff.

    the cheeky cnut.
  3. Cross legged, you say?

    I'd pass him a pint through the window and tell him to drink up so he can fill it again.
  4. Since I've not seen a beat-bobby for many a year, and by most accounts they mainly tour around in cars, I can't see much likelihood of an occurrence. Having said that, I wouldn't have a problem if PC Plod needed to use our facilities in a moment of need.

    PCSOs however............
  5. i would tell him to fcukoff.

    the cheeky cnut.
  6. It would be piss funny to umm and ahh for a bit... torture the bastard :D

    Got a linky to the story?
  7. I only picked it up from the UK Police Forum but there was no link, it was just reported as I copied it.
  8. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    If she is cute of course.
  9. If it was a bloke officer he'd be fecked off at the high port.

    If it was a lady officer I would allow her the use of the facilities in my cellar. :twisted:
  10. My downstairs one may or may not be broken(officer), I'd sue the fecker over it after the fact.
    Actually as we've got a cute female PCSO locally I might have to install a camera to make the most of the event ;)
  11. First I would have to ask for I.D.

    Then I would have to call the station to confirm the I.D.

    After 30 or so minutes waiting for the local plod to answer the phone... my guess is that said cross legged plod will have p1ssed off, or p1ssed him/herslelf. If not then I would need an incident number before finally telling them that the toilet/wc is unavailable due to lack of facilities and funding. :D
  12. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Are PCSOs trained to knock on your door or would they have to call for a real policeman beforehand?
  13. Cruel...but very funny!! :muhaha:
  14. I would invite him in and then lock him in my basement for my own sexual thrill. I don't have a basement though. So I probably would just let him in and then brag to my mates later about how I told him to fcuk off. Coppers scare me. Its all that pent up fustration you see in their eyes.
  15. Police officers? Oh you mean those things glued into police cars.... no idea what they look like without the protective covering of steel volvo.