IEDs - why bother?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by B00MER, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. I was wondering why so many sappers (doing an tough / excellent job) are getting killed. I understand that clearing the mines are essential but do they have to be defused all the time - just blow up anything that is suspect would be my opinion!
    In WWII they cleared mine fields with huge diggers - do they still exist? Or have I watched too many films! Hearts and minds might focus if a whacking great bulldozer trashed half the village because there were mines (which no doubt many of the locals knew about anyway...)...
    Just so you know not dissing the RE just value your lives more than the locals or a few quid for a grenade!
  2. Well this WILL be interesting...
  3. How do you get the ''great Bulldozer'' to the IED? What happens when it gets there, as who you have to protect it.How many ''Great Bulldozers'' do we have? Sorry mate there is an awfullot more to it than that.
  4. An IED is not a mine you maniac; the explosive is off to one side or some way behind the trigger so as to defeat armour and to destroy the vehicle rather than any mine flail or plough on the front of the vehicle. A mine is on the road surface.

    Looking at the manufacture of the device gives valuable intelligence; who made it, from what, were they good at it or amateurs, how does it work and is there anything we could do differently to minimise the danger from this type of mine in future? A grenade is not going to safely neutralise a mine which could be some explosive and a few artillery shells attached to a trigger; someone still has to go up to it and place a charge on it, and once you've had your controlled detonation you've got a big crater somewhere you might need to drive along at some point.

    The solution to improvised mines and explosives on roads and main transit routes is to move stuff by air as much as possible, as we did in NI. Unfortunately humans cannot fly so until we can we'll need helicopters to do that.
  5. Oh, dear... 8O
  6. So I got my answer... The way it's reported is that an IED went off under a vehicle, so I assumed land mines - wrongly as it appears.
    Just saddened to see anyone getting blown up by them anyway.
    Had a drink with EoD in the Falklands in 83 but we wern't talking the job if you know what I mean! They later rattled the whole of stanley getting rid of the explosives they had collected....
    Thank you for the explanation.... I am older and wiser...
  7. Dealing with landmines (which can be IED's - landmine is just an old term for a type of explosive charge and IED stands for Improvised Explosive Device) is done on an evaluation basis, i.e. what needs to be done with it and for what reason. The flail / roller / plough etc mine clearing machines of WW2 were only partly successfull and so the use of them to partly clear areas which would then be used by troops, would depend on operational necessity - how desireable is the objective and what level of casualties is acceptable in gaining it. Part of the problem with such explosive devices is that they are sometimes made and placed so as to be very difficult to detect and of course these days mines and IED's can be (and many are) designed to defeat clearance vehicles and to take them out. If you can think of a method of detecting and dealing with such things we would be interested to know.
  8. Part of the job of being an EOD operator is putting your life at degree of risk in order to neutralise the risk to others (be they fellow soldiers or locals). Members of 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) have been killed on operations clearing mines and legacy ordnance, in circumstances that could be described as having more benefit to the local populace than to British forces. People are alive today because of their actions. Having the attitude that the only valid reason to risk an operator's life is to provide a service to others wearing the same uniform does their memory a dis-service.
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  10. Last thing I intended. Just wouldn't put it past current Govt to save money by not giving you what you need.
  11. Sappers are cheaper than Machines and all the maintaining that comes with it. That's what happens when you have a Hitler like brown running the country!
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