IEDs which types of explosive used?

After seeing this thread:

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what types of explosive the insurgents in Iraq are using at present?

Is it mostly leftover Iraqi military stuff?

Military explosives of other origin?

Commercial explosives?

Or home made?

I'm just curious, so if for any reason this shouldn't be discussed in an open forum, please feel free to tell me where to get off.

a lot of the jihadi videos made by the insurgents show them using arty shells,
saddams army were big gun fanatics, they had lots of heavy arty, some of quite advanced types, most were useless from lack of spares/parts, and were destroyed in the invasion,
but they had distributed and hidden (buried mostly) ammo all over the nation to escape it getting distroyed in the inevitable air assault, and it seems its these munitions that are being used in the larger IED devices.

you have to register, but theres a lot of footage on this web site.
NSFW and content may offend.

ploblem is i cant remeber which particular viddis shows them planting the devices as there are quite a few.
I believe the arty shell IED is the most common. Its a piece of pesh to throw together and not to mention as cheap as it gets. It seems the more the merryer. That video just proves that we should seriously avoid this tactic of hiding behind armour and instead get out on foot more. At the end of the day the bigger our tanks get, the bigger their bombs get. Imagine if a white fleet/Snatch CS had driven into that fella. I dont think we would have had any left overs to investigate

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