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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Outstanding, May 25, 2010.

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  1. I know they are great and having watched last night's PANORAMA, felt that they should continue to be acknowledged.

    Mrs S did her man proud and did so in a determined and dignified way.
  2. Watched this last night, very humbling respect to all.
  3. I took watched the Panorama programme and having been a civvie for donkeys years, opened my eyes to what these guys go through in Afghanistan.

    I am sure I saw a programme recently where RAF Chinook pilots were on a two month rotation - surely the High Threat IED Operator merits this sort of tour bearing in mind the dangerous/high risk/pressure they are under in theatre? Or is this bolloxed by the number of qualified operators.
  4. You are spot on mate. I am not in this trade, but do know that there are not enough of these guys to go around, thats why the RE EOD were also called in to assist in IEDD (an area that previously was RLC only) from their more usual role in clearing air dropped ordnance.

    Problem is that as the programme made clear to be HT IEDD you have to be more than a little bright (Maths/Physics/Chemistry) to understand the science, you have to have a good understanding of electronics and circuitry, you then need to pass a very demanding course (failure rate is way higher than most other courses) , after that you need to gain operational experience - not easy outside the real thing - which is too dangerous for novices. If you are still sane and capable after all that then you are probably OK. It is not quite a s simple as pay more money and you get more operators either, as you really either have it or you don't. As was mentioned the old IED threat from NI is simply not on the scale with what these guys are doing, often tired, under fire and extemely hot. Bottom line is that we should treat them better and train more of them, if additional funds are available they should get them, but they must be handled better on Ops.
  5. Trouble is there are simply not enough HT op's and you can't just rock up at the stores an open a new box of HT op's...

    Training takes a long time for a reason, from a class II AT to Class I AT takes time and along the way the individual gains a huge amount of experience and knowledge as well as building them up as individuals preparing them for a HT tour. The individual becomes a known entity amongst his peers in a very small trade which allows for a very strong mentoring process to build the individual up to the required standards.

    I fear anything that tries to shortcut that process will result in a lot of dead bodies and any attempt at pushing a quota pass system would have serious questions to answer...
  6. Maybe it's time for a change of tactics - with less disposal and more high-ordering the devices with slabs of PE once ANA equipped with detectors have unearthed the find. You'd have to take a hit on the weapons intelligence side, but there is only so much to know about pressure plates.
  7. Without knowing the whole picture it is difficult to really comment on that. Probably some simple reason why you can't do it.