IEDD Qualification Pay?......

Just out of interest, is there any truth in the rumoured bonuses for the successful completion of JSIEDD and high threat IEDD courses?... :?

JSIEDD £2000
RLC £8000

If so, what are the thoughts of the masses.
If it's true consider:

a. Do you think it will be retrospectively paid? I doubt it.
b. Is it as an incentive to pass?
c. Is it a sweetner to prepare you to be shafted for ever more after passing?
d. Will it aid retention?
e. Will it be deducted from your final gratuity?
f. Where did you get your magical figures from?

Spec qual pay would be a better idea, with an increase while people are licensed and serving at 11 Regt as opposed to JS/RLC qualified and not being able or wanting to pass licensing.
I doubt it will aid retention. Not that many people sign off, soon after passing the courses.

Back pay - I think we all know what will happen there.

Sweetner - They struggle to pass, so what will make it any sweeter?

Incentive - yes, but they will whinge afterwards anyway.

There are a few other trades that reward their courses on successful completion. The Air Corps reward their pilots at the 18 year point etc but alot of these have been binned because in the end, there are plenty of others who will step up to the mark to have a go, and they know that by the time they get us into the WO & Sgt's Mess, we have more or less signed an emotional contract to stay until our pension date. Why do you think the Army messes are in such dire need of repair and the juniors get project SLAM?

Synical me.
f. Where did you get your magical figures from?
Some one who attended the Tech Conf mentioned it had been mooted by Panto and his stooges. The figures were apparently mentioned then.

As for back pay, I think if it was introduced, the unfortunates who bothered to pass the courses and remain in licence would end up plaiting vomit instead of recieving any cash.

Perhaps we could re-invent the wheel and bring the qualifications back to being a requirement for promotion. Therefore success is rewarded with promotion and pay increase!.

Hmm that idea might put the cat amongst the pigeons :roll:
so we could demote some of the more idle gits who haven't bothered passing..........Hmmmmmm :idea:
A one off cash incentive is what I think this started out as. No elitism in the promotion race and we wouldn't be constantly barracked over fould play for not promoting those less able (useless t**ts :D )
In an ideal world, where EOD in all its facets was seen as central to the trade, rather just being an add-on, there would be no need for incentives. If you couldn't do IEDD, either at JS or RLC level, your career would suffer - just as it would if you couldn't inspect ammunition or conduct PAD investigations.

However, as we don't live anywhere near an ideal world, then I think there should be some incentive/recognition for doing all that is asked of you. And as our world remains so far from any ideal, I'll believe it when I see it.
i'm sorry i must be senile or i was very very very drunk at the time!!

the latter i believe :?

why did they change the IEDD criteria for promotion?
I believe they changed the criteria for two reasons, firstly as there was an IRT ceasefire and consequently "No need for High Threat IEDD anymore" and secondly to recreate Warrent Officer Class Three!! :wink:
Just to moot an idea, what about an EOD pay, similar to the Diver, Parachutist & Pathfinder deals.

If you are qualified, licenced and serving with an EOD unit where you can are expected to Operate you would recieve a daily bonus on your rate of pay, an extra £10.00 or so. :D

This could be construed to go some way towards off setting the Pager for life and 10 minute rule, plus provide a tangiable difference to those can pass the courses and those that cannot.

Afterall, you can now reach WO1 without being able to complete 20% of your trade requirement. Surely those who can and man the pagers should recieve some recognition further than a new mobile every couple of years. :x
I still believe If the trade was reassigned to the RE and the various EOD's amalgamated. We would rather quickly get IEDD pay.
L2 - you're just so negative. The RAF and Navy will never sign up to this.

As for the rest of you. IEDD Pay - what world are we currently living on. You forget that we have done without for so long, proving that we could manage, yet if they gave with one hand they would surely take with the other. Supertax anyone.

The RE were pushing EOD pay at a senior officer level, but it has since gone a little quiet. They stand a better chance of getting it but they are also the same people that represented the army at a joint service board and announced that the RE were the only people doing EOD in the army.

Not a bright future and I won't be getting any loans out in the near future.

Bugger who's negative now.
The qualification pay scheme was a hoax put about by some evil seniors.

So back to it, and be thankful you're on high band.:twisted:
Having spoken to the AFPRB today, the role of a specialist pay such as Para, Diving and Aircrew payments is to aid recruitment and retention. It is not to reflect the personal danger or technical difficulty of the respective role (this is covered by the X factor and pay band)

Surely these issues are currently lively topics within the upper echelons of the trade. Consistantly undermanned and with current trend of losses amongst our most experienced SNCOs, WOs and LE Officers to the growing number of well paid jobs in Civvy Land, perhaps we might benefit from an extra incentive.

The calls from older and ex-members of the trade "I/we didn`t get it so neither should you" really doesn`t construe a reason to not even try to attain such a payment. Could it be that it is too much effort for our top level representation to try?..........Could it be that they didn`t get anything extra so tough luck?.

I wonder really how many EOD operators would really turn down a specialist pay out of principle, especially after the raping of the pay scales and loss of Technical Pay?
It would be very unlikely that additional pay would be received for IEDD qualifications or duties:

1) To give its soldiers an extra penny is one penny less for the pocket of the MOD.
2) Nothing currently exists for this type of qual pay and there is no pager pay in the services (unless you're a civvy), to get this changed would take an officer alot of time and effort, probably more than the two years at a time they spend at each post. (No slur, id be just as bone idle if i were in that position).
3) The job gets done at the moment with no additional pay. Would you pay more when you are getting nothing extra?
What about receiving pay for work of an objectional nature?

I, for one, object to working, that little bugger escaped me in the small print.
Hmm.......... Felcher, I almost thought you'd never offer. Mind you are we trying to apply logic to a situation with none! 8O

Apparently there is a shortage of RE RESA/BDO/DIVERS on three zillion pounds a day!!, maybe they should retain that specialist pay. :twisted:
The talk of a lump sum incentive to pass JS or RLC will probably stay just that .....Talk! Apparently at the former DRLC's goodbye at Didcot, he made mention of Spec Pay for EOD duties. He apparently said that as he was now leaving we would probably get it as he had just spent the previous number of years fighting against us getting EOD Spec pay and he was an ATO!!! What chance have we got when someone from within the trade reaches the top then procedes to shaft us all!
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