Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Fairly detailed description of US view and counter measures. Do we arrest many bomb layers/makers from these techniques?
    Like the bit about deploying thousands of MRPV!
  2. Dunno - got a link?
  3. Where - Viz?
  4. The truth is out there somewhere ??
  5. Bloody old fool! Missed the link. Searching ........................
  6. Must be Top Secret
  7. That's age for you old man. Bet your haemorroids are fucking murder in this weather?
  8. The answer is - we did in NI. Remember the Bomb Int Teams which became the Weapons Int Teams. An organisation of RMP and Int Corps headed by an ATO where foresnics, police work and G2 came together.

    It's all in a file marked SECRET!
  9. msr

    msr LE

    And the lessons were not learned:

    Mr. Alam helped, and so became a target. Following a weekly routine, he spent a recent Saturday with his family at home north of Kabul and was returning to his checkpoint that afternoon when the bomb exploded under his truck, dead center.

  10. C-IED is the big thing at the moment. We now have a C-IED task force, where it was merely the JFEOD Group.

    The aim is to deal with the situation before the bang, rather than in the NI type scenario of years ago when we collect the pieces and find the perpetrators after the fact.

    The frustrating thing about C-IED operations is that the result is not really appreciated and because it is quite high up in the intelligence chain is not revealed to often.

    There have been some awesome successes and anyone who has had a G2 threat brief will be aware of them.

    On the ground, exploitation is the key and the reason why IEDD teams are called in to deal with devices rather than anyone just adding a few pounds of PE to the main charge and initiating it.

    In short, it is working, you just won't be aware that it is.

    25 members in a yank team! WTF do they all do?
  11. msr

    msr LE

    5 probably just make powerpoint slides...
  12. Perhaps someone should take it out of the file? Surely to Christos, we should be able to develop as the write up claims the Yanks are doing and as we apparently did in NI. It really looks as if the Taliban bomb department are going to win the war for them and we should be thinking beyond more heli and better armoured vehicles. Even an old fool like me can see that the enemy answer to better armour is bigger bang. No shortage of explosive as I understand it.
    I do see that knowing who made a IED is all good and fine but laying hands on him is likely to be a much harder job.

    (This post typed whilst earlier replies were unseen in the pipeline)
  13. We should have a drink sometime - bring your own light :D However the problem with the G2 gathered is actually passing it out - the Israelis are good at this we less so.
  14. Why do you need 5 in an IEDD team?!