IED Triggers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tomahawk6, Oct 9, 2005.

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  1. [​IMG]

    These goodies were recovered after an Iraqi Army raid.
  2. Big deal Tom! So how do we know they're IED triggers then? On you're say-so? Provide more proof, comrade, and not just from Septic sources.

  3. Question - how wise do you think it is to let the other side know whcih triggers you have found so they have to move to different type?

    Assuming you are looking at counter measures?? I think this is an OPSEC issue.
  4. I believe we are looking at short range radio detonators. I don't think this is an opsec issue, as we've busted these sorts of finds before, and they know that. As far as I am aware there are no countermeasures for this type of device.
  5. I like the air photo on the wall - it's even got a sheet of talc pinned over it. Now I wonder what that was used for?

    The kit on the floor looks like keyless entry devices - elements of the system used for remote control central locking on cars.
  6. Interesting stuff !!

    BTW why is talc called talc ?
  7. Bugsy7 - What are you implying? That the Americans planted these IED triggers so they could then go and find them and look successful... or that Americans set IEDs against their own forces in an attempt to justify staying in Iraq forever... what are you talking about?

  8. I have just made a massive find of the same type of triggers, thousands of Maplins and there all under £10!! It's such a small dent in the insurgents ability to wage a sustained terror campaign is doesn't warrant a headline! It's just spin for the good ol' folks back home. If it is true about the involvement of the Iraqi Army then that at least is a plus!

    Transparent Acrylic Loves Crayons??
  9. These triggers were found in Sadr City.
  11. Good question, anyone know the answer?
  12. What awful seat covers!
  13. Perhaps from the semi-transparent, flakeable mineral (hydrated magnesium silicate) from which the powder is made. Anyway that's the result of 5 minutes on google and wiki!
  14. Muh.... depends on how the bomber has put them together.
    It's one of the examples of amateurs being more dangerous than professionals.
  15. On an OPSEC point, not a very good discussion to have under any circumstances.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.