IED Simulator for Training

Since 2006, US armed forces have used an IED circuit simulator developed by us in conjunction with a US training provider (A-T Solutions). We've recently got clearance to provide this to British forces. However, as a small educational software company (Crocodile Clips), before we get stuck into time-consuming MOD bureaucracy, we'd like to assess whether an IED simulator would be useful.

With the software, you can recreate & simulate IED devices that you come across in the field. Animation of invisible concepts such as voltage and current helps you understand how the electronics, including remote arming and triggering, work. In addition to conventional electronic components, this simulator has specialised components such as mobile telephone arming devices and trip wires.

I have no contacts in the British forces so I'm hoping someone on ARRSE may be able to help. I've tried the RLC forum, however ARRSE admin suggest I try sappers too. Nearly 2000 IED-related personnel use the simulator in the US (it's the de-facto standard). My impression from ARRSE replies is training in the British forces is the best in the world. So, I wondered if this tool could compliment & support existing training methods?
Thanks Bravo, suddenly thought as I left the office...wonder if he knows what I'm talking about..;)

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