IED Simulator for Training

Discussion in 'RLC' started by AndrewHall, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Since 2006, US armed forces have used an IED circuit simulator developed by us in conjunction with a US training provider (A-T Solutions). We've recently got clearance to supply this to UK forces. However, as a small educational company (Crocodile Clips) before we get stuck into government bureaucracy we'd like to see if an IED simulator would be useful for training in UK. I have no contacts in the UK forces so I'm hoping someone on ARSSE may be able to help.

    I apologise if this posting is too commercial however I did check out the posting idea with ARRSE admin first. As nearly 2000 IED-related personnel use the simulator in the US, we thought that there might be a use in the UK.

    Can you help me?
  2. Is this a battle noise simulation aimed at going BANG if initiated. Or a device aimed at ATO, EOD community????
  3. It's a software simulator which allows you to enter an IED circuit with various trigger mechanisms and see how it works to help understanding of recognition and disabling actions.
  4. Absolutely no point what so ever. We make our own (albeit inert) devices based on current terrorist TTPs.
  5. Thanks for concise response. The software animates voltage and current at every point in the circuit. Could this supplement the training done with your realistic replicas?
  6. Not really. Disruption is the preferred method of disablement - i.e we shoot the devices.

    There are occasions were devices are dismantled manually, but I'm afraid again training aids are covered in this area.

    Unfortunately the US are not a good yardstick when it comes to IEDD. Britain leads the field by a country mile and have done so for years. The CIA, FBI and other US agencies even come to us for training.
  7. Dinger, we have the same problem in the Pet trade. I am afraid that we are becoming a victim of our own success as far as pumping operations go and there just isn't enough Pet Ops to go round. Sex with a Pet Op is quite possibly the best experience a human (or animal) can have. Obviously this has meant that the rest of the RLC was going without and were 'getting rather good with colours'. DRLC decided to send all Pet Ops to 'Special' Regts where we spend our days blowing up laboons to keep the dvr's happy while the chefs crack out big salty ones into their ice creams. This policy has worked to the extent that AT's have been witnessed actually talking to wimmin (the wimmin in question were either dead from boredom or were the sort who would sit in the bath and laugh at their own farts) which is a huge improvement on talking to themselves about how much money HM Govt should be paying them for (by your own admission) shooting at electric circuit boards.

    By the way can we pse pse pse pse ...................start another thread about AT's? ;)
  8. You had me convinced upto this point. Since when has DRLC shown any interest in trades other than those of trog origin?

    (VS excepted - but that interest was only in fucking them over)
  9. Firkin hell dingerr! DRLC been bumming yer mum or sumfink?

    I've known for quite a while that my trade was only red and blue from '65, so I expect DRLC will be giving me a ring shortly to find out what he can do for us. You red and blue oinks will just have to make do with yer shitty supply type regts. Me and CH90210 are firkin trogs dude!
  10. I thought this was going to be about trying to sell Snow to eskimos... :roll:
  11. SPAL bottle filled with tinned pilchards, homebrew tilt switch, 9v battery....TA DAAAH!
  12. Trip Flare, set it up. Ta Da!
  13. Having been going through the worlds supply of L29's the past few weeks, and with the help of my local EOD det, AndrewHall, you may find we make do fine with what we have.
    From a point of view of the soldier on the ground, yes we want to avoid the thing going off but from definitely my point of view, im dealing with the TTP's required if it does go boom. All i want is a loud feck off bang, lots of confusion and some good old PetOps telling the Drivers what to do.
  14. As the IEDs advance, with remote arming and triggering facilities, is there not a need to understand additional electronics-based tactics to counter IEDs?

    This seems to be the case in US. However, what I'm getting from this forum is the UK is way ahead of US in this field - so the understanding of more sophisticated electronics-based tactics is unnecessary.
  15. We do understand it and its called UK Plc ECM.....probably the best lager in the World!