IED Awareness Posters - For Units/Training

A set of 10 very good IED Awareness Posters are available for purchase through the Website below. If your Unit would like to order these for training and awareness purposes please go through the following website:

MOD's if you can think of a better place for this to be shown (as the Posters will obviously benefit all Units prior to deployment to a sandy place) that would be great, I placed it here as the Company behind it is run by a former Royal Engineer who is also a Jane's Author on the EOD/Mines side...

There are 10 different posters, bulk Unit orders will no doubt receive a discount of sorts.

IED Posters & Other Training Items

Edited to Add: The Posters are obviously also available to any Coalition Military Units, so please pass this on if you work with or are in contact with any of the U.K.'s coalition partners...


I've managed to source some very good A3 sized ones which are current to Afghan from the Royal Marines for our SHQ walls and notice boards prior to our Herrick deployment in 4 weeks.

If anyone wants a copy, PM me with your details.

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