Does any one know what the rules are for flaming IE. We have bean told that because we are at camp then we can not clam, but if we did a course in lue if camp then it would be ok even throw it might be the same thing that we would have done at camp just at a different time.
Heres the rules from JSP 752:


03.0113. Incidental Expenses (IE). IE is a contribution towards personal expenditure,where expenditure has actually been incurred, during temporary duty overnight absences away from the permanent duty station. IE caters for items such as laundry/dry cleaning, phone calls home, a newspaper, TV access, internetaccess, a shower etc, but this list is not exhaustive. Receipts for expenditure are not required and reimbursement of IE will be paid at a fixed daily capped rate as shown at Chapter 1 Section 6. IE forms a constituent part of subsistence allowances but is subject to different qualifying criteria; eligibility for NS and DS does not confer an automatic or enduring eligibility for IE.

a. Eligibility to Claim IE. SP are eligible to claim IE for overnight absences under the following circumstances;

(1) When required to occupy Service single accommodation (ie when on
temporary duty) away from the permanent duty station.

(2) When required to occupy a hotel while Service single accommodation is not available.

(3) When hospitalized on duty in the UK or overseas (the 30 night limit does not apply)

(4) When assigned on a temporary basis to a Course where the individual is expected to resume duties at their previous unit on completion.

b. IE may be paid concurrently with all types of NS and daily combinations of NS and DS, but not normally with DS alone. However, where SP are required to sleep overnight in the cab of a vehicle as part of their core duties (excluding those who sleep in vehicles during exercises / operations), they may, exceptionally, claim DS and IE concurrently with no NS.

c. Ineligibility to Claim IE. IE is not payable in the following circumstances;

(1) Any period beyond the first 30 calendar days/nights of a temporary duty absence away from the permanent duty station, regardless of the number of different overnight locations used. Weekends and leave periods also count towards the 30 calendar days/nights, but IE may not be claimed for those nights when the SP is absent from the temporary duty station.

(2) Any period in which a SP has access to the Deployment Welfare Package (Overseas) as defined in JSP 770.

(3) Any period in which the SP is living under Field Conditions or is on a designated Exercise, regardless of the type of accommodation used.

(4) Any period in which the SP is living in shipboard conditions.

(5) Any period in which the SP is participating in sports or adventurous training activities.

d. IE Time Limit. IE is only payable for night absences within the first 30 calendar days/nights of temporary duty away from the permanent duty station. The clock starts the first night the SP arrives at the temporary duty station, or the first night for which IE is claimed, whichever is the earlier, and ends on the 30th night thereafter. The 30 calendar day/night clock is only reset when;

(1) The SP returns to the permanent duty station for 1 night or more;


(2) The following temporary duty absence is unrelated to the previous absence and is part of a different task or objective.

e. Return to the permanent duty station during weekends or leave periods will not reset the 30 calendar day/night clock.