IE on Mac OSX Solutions?

As a Mac owner, my life seemed to be perfectly smug and virus free until I stumbled upon this little problem. I have to fill out a set of forms that require the use of Internet Explorer (God bless DII). Now, as a sponging-student type, I only really have access to public Windows machines/borrowing my flatmates' laptops which may not be a workable solution. My first question to any IT security boffins is: if I have an account on a uni-networked computer (and I log off), is there much risk in filling out the forms? I apologise for my ignorance, but I know stuff like online banking warns of the dangers of using public computers.

I would like to run Boot Camp, however I don't really have £100 to hand for Windows 7.

Cheers for any help.
Google WineBottler combo and download it
run Windows on a VM within MacOS X
Google IE5 for Mac
(inevitably) get a proper computer.

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