IE - is there a limit?

I'm about to go on a course for four months (I'm based in the UK - as is the course). I'll be free at weekends and so I understand from the regs I'm entitled to GYH. No problems. When I asked my clerk about IE (whether I could claim for four months as I'll be in temporary accommodation) they seemed unsure and told me to check JSP 752. As they have been in Germany for donkeys years, I wasn't too bothered they didn't know. Thing is I've looked and can't find anything that says I can't or that there's a limit but I can't shake the niggling feeling that there is a limit.

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I have looked at previous posts and at JSP 752 and can't tell either way.

Any advice from admins and/or anyone that knows will be much appreciated as I don't want to become a fraudster!

If your joining instructions (Or an additional letter from the OC of the training establishment) state that you may be required, as and when, to work weekends, you can probably get LSA.IE is likely to be the £5 a day touch. Watch out for any home to duty payments - any JPA action tends to have a reaction, sometimes adverse.
The regs are quite clear actually.

So long as you are in transit accm not a hotel or whereby you would be claiming NS, your entitlement to IE is not capped. So, yes, you get it for the whole course.

IE is paid for a period of 24 hours on duty rmember though, so a monday to friday will only get you 4 days IE. Though over 4 months, that should be more than enough for you to get the beers in when you finsih :)

You are also entitled to GYH(T)
That's great thanks. Dunno where I got the impression there was a time limit.

Can't help but be suspicious of something that seems too easy!

Many thanks JT.
You may be thinking of Nightly Subsistance, which can also be claimed with IE, NS is caped at 30 nights, GYH(T) will be admissiable if you do not travel home for weekends, LSA if you have to stay at the course location, any HTD should be ceased for the duration, all these allowances are affected by the 10 day rule.

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