IE in Kuwait

I have been given differing versions about what can and can't be claimed while in Camp Beuhring in Kuwait. I believe that it has no UK welfare facilities. Does anyone have a definitive answer on what can be cliamed by those based there teaching the RSOI package.
You will be classed as field conditions, there is no entitlement to IE when you are in field conditions. There has been an amended copy of the regulations floating about the last few days. It specifically mentions no IE for field conditions.

if you have no welfare facilities, but there will be some available to you, then possibly you may be able to get LOA as we did on Telic 1. But there will be some form of welfare facilties available - phones, BFBS, Internet etc - allegedly.

But no Operational Allowance while you are in Kuwait !!!
Not neccessarily true lads take a look at this:

Good news for lots of Crabs, but probably not many in the Army (yet, anyway). This from the Ian Dale Blog:

The Defence Secretary is in a bit of trouble this afternoon. Yesterday he either lied to the House of Commons, or he proved that he hadn't got a clue what the policy of his own department is towards British troops stationed in Kuwait. This is a little elongated, but bear with me. It's worth it when you get to the end.

Hansard - 16 October cols 719-720

Dr Liam Fox: I am sure that I do not need to remind either the Secretary of State or the Minister for the Armed Forces that the Kuwait border is only 30 miles from the Basra air base. As a result of that small difference, service members will lose out on hundreds of pounds a month, although their American counterparts receive the same bonus regardless of whether they are in Iraq, Kuwait or Qatar. If the Secretary of State made it clear that those allowances will apply to all those in the region, and not just those in Iraq, that would be a major step forward.
Des Browne: That is a classic example of the sort of thing that I was talking about. Based on absolutely no research, not even the courtesy of asking the MOD whether what he has described is the reality, the hon. Gentleman has asserted his case at the Dispatch Box in the House of Commons. But it is not true.
Dr. Fox: Good.
Des Browne: The hon. Gentleman says, “Good.” Perhaps he will now explain the basis on which he made the assertion in the first place. Is there a factual basis for it, or did he make it up for
political advantage?
Dr. Fox: I am delighted that those operational bonuses will apply, because those issues
have been raised with us by members of the armed forces so that they can get clarification from the Government. If it is clear that we will get such clarification, I will be delighted—and so will they be.
Des Browne: The hon. Gentleman now says to the House that he was asked to inquire. Why did he choose to inquire by asserting an untruth at the Dispatch Box, rather than asking me or a
Dr. Fox: Excuse me, but I thought that the purpose of the House of Commons was for us to be able to question Ministers directly. It is an entirely appropriate place to raise such issues. Now that we have clarification on those, perhaps the Secretary of State will clarify other issues— [Interruption.]

We'll ignore Browne's blatant rudeness and his incomprehension of the role of asking questions of Ministers. Instead, let's look at the evidence to see who's right. In a written answer to Mark Harper on 12 December 2006, the then Defence Minister Derek Twigg said: "The specified qualifying locations for the operational allowance are the geographical boundaries of Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans..."

I have made enquiries with the Ministry of Defence and it seems Des Browne's reply has caused a minor storm among civil servants there along the lines of "what the **** did he think he was saying?" They confirm that troops in Kuwait DO NOT qualify for the Operational Allowance, unlike those serving in the US Army.

Well, there you have it - from the Leader himself - Well Done! I cannot but applaud the Big Man's single-handed decision to extend this allowance. And, as it's an Operational Allowance, it's tax free, and comes directly from the Treasury, so won't count against the Defence Budget! Double win!!!

:oops: :oops: :oops:
It is not confirmed yet, but if I understand what I hear around here it is not for personnel who have been sent straight to Kuwait and have stayed in Kuwait for the duration of their tour.

Personnel who have been sent back to Kuwait but were originally sent to Iraq are a different kettle of fish however and no decision has been made yet (officially) as to whether they will retain it or not.

No doubt there will be a directed letter from SP Pol to 'clarify' this.

Clear as mud as usual :D
The US facilities at Camp Buehring are pretty good; massive gym, internet café, Burger King and even a 24 hour piazza place.
The bad news is that currently being stationed in Kuwait does attract a medal or the operational bonus.
The good news is that being stationed in Kuwait does not attract IDF either.
No IDF or getting the chance to be blown up for £13 a day it's a tough choice isn't it.

Although thankfully if you are blown up and die, your estate should get the full 6 months worh of Operational Allowance - Thanks Labour :D

Not sure if you still get to claim back your Council Tax Rebate though :(

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