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I rarely ask for technical help on here, mostly because I won't or can't understand the answers anyway, however, if they are kept very,very simple, then I may stand a chance.

Every time I 'open in a new window' I get a box pops up from Internet explorer security, telling me that a website wants to open web content using this program on my computer. No matter how often I eiither accept, decline, click the red x or tell it to piss off and annoy the Iron Duke, it still comes back.
It's for the Bingbar setup. Now, I have Bing and it is set up, so how do I stop this thing from pushing my blood pressure even higher?

Answers on the back of a £50 note to; Me.


Do not use IE, its a bag of shite. Get google Chrome: faster, more reliable, more streamlined and more secure.