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IE & GYH Confusion


I was in my clerks office the other day booking out to go on a course.
Obviously with my course im entited to IE for my phone calls and bread and whatnot. I'm also getting MMA there as its petrol money etc.

My clerk informed me that it was a rule of the regiment that if i would be claiming IE for over 14 days, then I would infact not get IE but GYH back to the unit.

I've been scouring JSP 752, but as far as I can see im entitled to both. Im unsure if the pay review board has changed stuff since the start of the month, but if not then how much clout to the regiment have over a JSP?

Seems to me they're just inventing rules to save themselves money, but I want to run this past an admin god before i start throwing a hissy.

Name and shame the unit as you are being given p ish information !! :D.

The 2 things are entirely separate as 1 is an allowance and paid through your pay and 1 is paid through i-expenses :?
I realise that....

I had a moan with a stripey clerk but effectivly got mugged off. Just wanted the official say so.

And in terms of naming and shaming. I couldn't possibly to the 'best bn in the reme'

So when you say the 'regiment' made this rule, do you mean the RAO's dept or CO. Get a definitive answer and tell them you are taking it up the CoC as they couldn't be more out of their depth if they treid. If it's RAO, a call to the SO2 SPS at Bde from your OC should clear it up for you.


Book Reviewer
Just to be slightly annoying, for a change, it's the 2IC who controls the travel budget so he has probably set the policy.

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