IE abroad

Yes you can - as long as it is a fully authorised "Battlefield study period" both NS and IE @ £10 per night (flat rate) is claimable.

It's all done to the way it is 'dressed up'. If there is an admin order calling it a 'staff run', with actually lesson learned type stuff, then yes. If it is just an excuse for a piss up, then no. At least that's the way I run it. Top tip is to sweet talk whoever audits your claims BEFORE you go, to make sure he/she is happy.
Paywog, apologies, we appear to have cross posted.
Ex RAPC, what can I say?

Talking about IE, I'm in 'discussion' with a co-located unit about whether IE is limited to 30 days. I think not. What's your view? Also, heard though the grapevine the IEis to be sacked for staying in single accn on temp duty. Have you heard the same?
App Rec or TIS??

Although there is nothing in the IE para to limit it to 30 days NS is, normaly, limited to 30 days - this is possibly where the confusion comes in as they are claimed together. Although if IE is claimed for staying in accn at a temp duty location this limit would not apply. I haven't heard any rumours about the sacking of IE for staying in temp accn but wouldn't be suprised - and as usual this would be our fault, cos we make the rules!!


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Paywog, did you enjoy Strensall?

In fact it is SP Pol who make the rules and they mostly wear bowler hats and think about money, if you catch my drift.
Transfer in. Not true blue, but of my 3 cap badges (in a year!), it was my favourite.

Oh and yes, that is exactly my view on IE. I was starting to think that I was loosing it.

I normally agree with your interpretations but I am confused about your shared view on this.

Why should the taxpayer pay me IE for a Battlefield Tour (often voluntary attendance, packed meals provided etc) when it doesn't pay for Adv Trg (unless an instructor). What costs is IE refunding if I've left barracks at sparrows fart, I'm back home for the bar closing and have had scoff provided throughout the day/trip ?

IE would help with the obligitory brewery trip expenses (good job so many battlefields have an adjacent waterhole).

Suppose it is different for pers travelling from UK to overseas

This all changed last year they are now considered as study periods not just the booze cruise they used to be. Plans have to be approved by Div to qualify - they don't just rubber stamp tem any more. If given the go ahead the whole lot is paid for by the taxpayer although it does come from the Unit's T&S budget - no extra funds. One my unit was planning at the beginning of this Fin year was cancelled when the CO was advised that it would use approx a quarter of his annual budget to send 20 Officers & WOs on a weekend "Study Period"


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