IE 7, what do you reckon?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. Love it!

  2. Loathe it!

  3. Not got it yet.

  4. Microsoft are the spawn of the Devil.

  1. Just downloaded IE 7 today, and am still trying to get used to it. On the whole though my first impressions are good.

    I've heard that some of the new features are copied from Linux (tabs, for example).

    Has anyone else got it yet?

    What do you reckon? Better than IE 6? Firefox?
  2. been using it now for about 3 months, seems good so far. tabbed browsing is great. had no problems with it
  3. Firefox ripoff. What did you expect?
  4. Yup I agree with that as well
  5. I've been using since Beta 2 came out about 3 and a bit months ago and its hugely better than IE6. Takes a bit of getting used to but tabs rock; the release version is considerably better than the betas.

    I'm not a Firefox user - but it seems like MS have copied quite a few of their ideas...

    On the whole, pretty good.
  7. Yeah, just like Firefox totally ripped IE 5/6 off. :roll:

    If an idea is good, provides useful feature and if users like it then obviously its going to be incorporated, they couldn’t not include tabs. Just because Firefox has some of the same features suddenly Microsoft are ripping them off?

    And if that’s the case, what do you say to IE7's antiphishing filter and other security updates, that were, rather mysteriously included in the Firefox 2 beta as new features. Coincidently after the IE7 Beta1 was released, introducing these features as a first for browsers. :roll:

    Its how the ******* industry works.

    And as for Apple, piss off they and Sony are the worlds experts at stealing others ideas.
  8. How do I check what version iv got?
  9. Like it so far. It looks clean and better organised, tabs and the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds are great features.

    Just need to get used to the new locations for button like Home and Refresh.

    The installation turned off the menu bar. It's still there you just need to make it visible by right-clicking on the toolbar. Personally I prefer to use the menu for selecting favourites rather than using the sidebar.
  10. Click the Help menu > About

    MSIE hasn't been updated for a number of years (other than patches, etc.) so you are more than likely running version 6
  11. I used the beta version. Found it to be slow, and not very stable. Still, a huge improvement over the last version.

    I'll stick to firefox and Opera.
  12. Or just tap your Alt key once to make it appear, and then tap again to get it to bugger off.

    That may well be because you tried a beta version. Give the release a crack, its quite possible your issues were resolved.
  13. A great tip DD, thanks.

    Another useful keyboard shortcut is F11
  14. To those who don't know IE 7.0 is available as an update on the windows update site (if you are using a legit copy of Xp).
  15. I've just given IE7 a go. The first thing that struck me about IE7 is the lack of native support for mouse gestures. MS, WHy o why do you not listen? IE7, despite its cleaned up interface and tabbed browsing, is still playing catch up to browers like firefox and Opera - surprsing when you consider the resorces MS has access to...


    supposedly, it uses less memory than FF2.0.


    Not immediately obvious why it is better than firefox 1.5/opera 9+ Eg. No mouse gestures!!!