Idyllic posting or the most boring place on Earth?

Wouldve loved it for 2 years :D . IMHO too long in paradise can become hell on earth.

It's really a shame the govt got rid of all th edecent holiday postings. They must have helped retention, with people knowing they could have a 6 month holiday every few years which would re-charge the batteries!

The liney on the right who loks like a camp version of Illya Kuryakin from the man from uncle is rather disturbing me. It's a similar look to what smoojajooge gets when he purchase a fresh bottle of mint shower gel.
I've been there; can't tell you anything about it because I was in my mother's arms on the way to Singapore, but apparently on every trooping flight the blokes would turn out in force to stare (letch) at the white ladies. They would also ask to pass round any babies who were on the flight and then quietly sob before heading back to the beach for a barby and a bit of surfing.
I suspect it was a rough life for a pad.
The Instructor who taught me PTTarmigan in 81 served there. He caused quite a stir back then as his girlfriend was....."coloured" from Nigera as I recall. The CO OC and RAzzman were not into that sort of thing then. Poor bloke was made to feel very uncomfortable at mess doos.. Anyway..

Remember him telling me about all the great times. Summer hours 365 days out local choggies to do all your kit for a sixpence ehile he was swimming swimming in the crystal clear waters and quaffing a cold brew as well as the other benifits "getting a shag from one of the local bunnies for 1 ciggy."

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