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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by james90, Jul 29, 2011.

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  1. My recruiter forgot to give me my idst consent form,i have my idst tuesday,does anyone know if and where i could download it from?
  2. Ok its not an IDST (thats the score you get at ADSC) and you need to elaborate a bit more on what consent form you need as you dont need one to go on your two days at ADSC. ????????????
  3. I have to attend a one day IDST at holcombe moor army training camp manchester,its like a practise ADSC to prepare me and help me get hopefully an A grade at ADSC,on one form which my recruiter gave me it says complete the enclosed consent form and hand it into the careers office,i dont know what the form is called other than an IDST consent form
  4. Ok its a Pre ADSC/Insight Course Consent form you need if your Under 18 you will have to get it signed by your parents or cannot participate. Seeing this one day event is set up by your own Office area you are best off nipping into the AFCO on Monday and get it from them...if Over it might not be as bad as they may allow you to fill it in when you get down there. Either way phone up/go in Monday and ask them to send/email the form.
  5. firstly thanks for replying! and im working monday so cant get to the careers office,i was just hoping i could get it downloaded from somewhere to save me the hassle of getting someone to go and get it for me
  6. Just phone recruiter monday and ask nicely to email it
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