IDS to live on £53 per week

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ScaleyDave, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. I had to piss on you parade but mosy students I know live on £50 a week. It's not that hard really is it.

    Bennet has his rent paid for him.

    David Bennett, who is in his 50s, is given housing benefit to help him with accommodation costs but said he only has £53 to live on after that.
  2. You probably could live on that if you are in rent free, social housing, not paying council tax. Seldom are these people on a single benefit. No it wouldn't be the lap of luxury but I for one resent paying a fortune in tax for some idle toad to watch Sky TV, smoke, visit the pub more often than I can afford to and generally sponge off the rest of us. There are jobs out there but often it is beneath the claimants dignity to take it (shelf stacking, Maccie Ds, menial work that most of us have done.)

    It's about time benefits were scaled back to be just the safety net they were intended to be. And no I am not unsympathetic to the genuinely needy.

    Rant over
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  3. £53 a Week to cover

    Council Tax
    Transport Costs

    I really dont think we are talking Plasma TV, Sky and every night in the Pub!!!!!!
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  4. IDS is a resourceful chap, he'd have the wife out on the rob within ten days.
  5. So? Why should I subsidise anything other than 'existence'? If they want more than £53 a week, get their idle arses out of the door and get a job. Welfare is there as a safety net, but has become a lifestyle choice. I pay a **** of a lot of tax to keep the workshy at home.
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  6. And rightly ****ing so.
  7. Don't those on benefits get free travel to help them get to job interviews?
  8. If you listen to the Radio 4 interview I linked, it's 11 mins long, the presenter points out that the poorest people in Britain are often working.
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  9. Again, though, why should I subsidise their lifestyle if they cannot get a job to earn enough to indulge their selected lifestyle? Why do so many poor people have children that they cannot afford? It isn't a human right to reproduce at someone else's expense. If their human worth is insufficient to fund nights out in the pub, sky TV, XBox etc, then they should cut their coats accordingly. If they wish to, they can become economic migrants to somewhere else.
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  10. I don't think that claimants have all these outgoings. There are some months I'd be delighted to have 50 quid a week after necessary expenditure. As I said they are rarely in receipt of only a single benefit; which , to my mind, is the root cause of the problem.
  11. They all had the same opportunity, that they decided to not take advantage of it is their lookout. Why should I be taxed to the hilt to fund their chosen lifestyle?
  12. I know a chap on Welfare , He was made redundant then just 2 weeks before starting a new job was in a horrific Motorcycle accident. He privatly rents a 2 up 2 down terraced house as he had his kids from his marriage stop over. He desperatly wants to work , but in this stage of his recouperation he is physically unable to. His legs are held together by meccanno & he still suffers periods where he just zones out & hasnt a scooby where or what hes doing. He dont smoke , cant really drink because of his meds. He owns no car or bike as his licsense was suspended due to his brain injury. Yes he gets HB & JSA & help with his CT but was refused DLA as his injury was not concidered a bar to employment. Hes no shirker & just gets on with life. He goes to interveiws knowing damn well he,ll get the thanks but no thanks letter , but does genuinly hope he gets work as in his own words he is " climbing the ****ing walls here". I always thought life on welfare was a golden ticket but after speaking to him it has changed my mind. Anyone who thinks its an easy ride is very much mistaken. Yeah there are twats who milk it & they are the ones who grab the attention couretesy of the Daily Mail et all. This new HB law wont really affect him as hes been a tennant to his landlord for over 10 yrs & he has told him not to worry about the cut in HB as he values him as a good tennant. The house is paid for & is just gravy to the landlord these days. Very lucky man as he rekoned it would be a fuckin struggle to find the extra & even to move. YES there is a culture on welfare that needs reigning in but anyone who thinks its cushy would do no harm but to spend an hour with this guy. He told me this afternoon.. he,d even put IDS up if he wants to try it.
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  13. And if you have £53 to cover said expenditure?

    Food, electricity/gas bill, water bill?