IDS - There are plenty of jobs for the unemployed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunoficarus, Mar 6, 2011.

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  1. What a prick! Ignore the recession, might as well just stand there with his fingers in his ears shouting la la la.
  2. My Mrs moved down here summer last year and had no problem getting a job. In fact, she got one job then after about a month she got a better paid one.

    Work is there, but I think some people are looking for THE job rather than any job that'll pay the bills and get them off benefits.
  3. Stick in your address and see if IDS is right about your area

    Directgov jobs and skills search - Job Homepage

    Seems to plenty in my area
  4. There always has been. It's just that people only want to wait out for the job they really want. This is fair enough but expect to have to do something you don't particularly like whilst looking for the job you want.

    The professionally unemployed should be forced back to work. If they're working then at least they're not at home reproducing and causing hassle.

    ..and before the usual suspects arrive, I do acknowledge that not all the long term benefit claimants are criminals or idiots but a significant proportion of them are.
  5. Load of bollox, I went to the bru, last week, there was three jobs I could have took, two were professional management jobs, classified under warehousing jobs, I wouldn't have had a hells chance of getting, the other was for a night-shift job I would have had no way of getting too.

    If you ask for help getting a job, ie resit your forklift test etc, your told to **** off.
  6. You hadn't a cat in hells chance of getting there you say,why's that?Is it's not on a city bus route and you might get lost?
  7. So this abundence of jobs ae both Full Time(40+ hrs) and pay a mortgage? Thought not, now **** off and stop pissing on our backs and telling us it's raining eh!
  8. Should have passed 1st time then! ;-)
  9. I can see this thread being binned .... workfare for the workshy should be government policy.
  10. Very good, Now tell us what experience and qualifications you have that put you in the wage bracket that will pay a mortgage.

    Or are you like my SiL? Moans jobs open to him don't pay enough but rather neglects his rather meagre academic record?
  11. The thread will only be binned because, as so far, one person is being deliberately offensive, presumably in an effort to cause such binnage. Are we expecting more to turn too and attempt to sink this thread?

  12. So a Mcjob for 16hrs a week pays a mortgage it Then why bother taking it? These are the jobs IDS is talking shit about.
  13. Bin your prickish attitude to unemployed, ******* knob.