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WEF 1st Jan this year, an International Driving Permit is required for all foreign drivers in Florida. This must accompany your national driving license. Apparently the foreign ones are confusing the hell out of Floridian traffic cops. Car hire companies and travel agents appear to be blissfully ignorant of this new rule. This new requirement is confirmed on the AA website. A Canadian paper is up in arms about this as they have to get one as well. They reckon this could be changed in July to exclude licenses inn English and says the cops aren't rigidly enforcing this but also quotes the highways agency as saying it would be should you be involved in an accident. You can get an IDP from a post office in UK for £5.50 or from the AA/RAC.
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The State of Florida has recently changed the law and now requires an International Driving Permit as well as a valid driver's license from the home country on all non-US residents who wish to operate a motor vehicle within the state. This statute is currently in effect. All drivers on the rental contract must have both an IDP and valid license.

In the past few days there have been many rumors circulating online about this and whether or not an IDP is required. As this change in the statute was not widely publicized, the requirement is only just now coming to light.
My bold they sneaked that one in .Travel Agents are still telling people they don't need one.

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So let me get this straight? You rock up to the car hire section at any Florida airport and you have a choice of 20 vendors. I prefer Alamo just because it is staffed by Mexican-Americans and that amuses me. And they say "No, you need an international license". So you **** them off and move to the next desk. Who, on production of a credit card, will hire you a car. Sorted. **** me, any used car lot in the USA will hire you a car for $30 a day.
I was just looking at Florida car hire sites this morning and the wording on them was that you need an IDP if the wording on your own national driving license is not in English or 'Roman characters'

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apparently they will be changing it so those with english written licenses are cleared again.

its akin to that polish bloke the garda have down as the most prolific driving offender - his name was Mr Prawo Jazdy - driving license.

BBC News - The mystery of Ireland's worst driver


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Applying for a IDL because they like them in Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam while at the same time applying for a new passport... For a IDL you need to send birth or marriage or divorce certificate (the original). For a UK passport you just need to tell them what your old Mum was called. The fucks that all about?
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