Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_REME, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. Is it just me or does anyone else not understand why people idolise other people? I cannot understand why people are so interested in other people’s affairs, unless their own are so boring that they have no life. I am not just talking about supposed pop stars or football players, people are even interested in that totally stupid big brother program.
    Don’t get me wrong I do watch television, even coronation street (quite funny sometimes), but if I passed any of these people on the street, that is exactly what I would do, pass them.
    Another thing, why do they have like, award ceremonies for everything, they are only doing a job. Jesus, best soap, best chat show, who gives a flying fcuk (except maybe themselves). I understand that they may be in the public eye a lot but what difference does that really make when you think about it?
    Footballers, what’s that about? They are just lucky they are good at something that pays VERY well, ok they may have commitment but surely that would come with doing something that you enjoy and are good at would it not? And heroes, how many do you that have died whilst on the pitch playing?
    Are people indoctrinated at an early age to idolise you think? Or is it people in general who cannot rationalise normally?
    Or, is it as I started this, just me?
  2. Especially some of the kn0bs that are "idolised"...
  3. I think people who start polls are fantastic.

    Which of course means I agree.
  4. Nope you've lost me completely. To the hole methinks.
  5. It's just indicitive of society today that someone with an overinflated ego and wage packet who kicks an inflated pig's bladder around a patch of grass is referred to as 'hero' :?
    What the fcuk?
  6. Very annoying indeed. I voted yes by mistake as in yes I agree with you rather than no its not just you.

    Sorry to **** up your poll.

    Slebs. Awful
  7. No its US! Because (bad English!) most of the people on this site have actually done SOMETHING - right or wrong. The plebs who watch, listen to or read this Celeb sh1t only serve to confirm Churchills' famous comment about the best argument against democracy was a 5 minute conversation with the average voter.

    Socilaism has dumbed everybody down.
  8. Like this bloke?
  9. Point taken Dilfor. I was referring to the more modern incarnation. "£50K a week boss? Fack off, I'm worth at least 60" etc etc
  10. One cannot look at this subject without taking into account the pitifull state of affairs when it comes to how many folks are raised. Kids seek role models... and if their parents aren't acceptable ones then they go further and latch on to one which fits their ideals as shaped by their enviroment.

    So... I would go along with the hyothesis that there is an indoctrination at an early age rather than simply discounting the phenominon as irrational behavior.

    Personally, I cannot lay claim to fandom of any person whom I did not have direct contact. My grandfather with his antiquated sense of chivalry and no nonsense approach on things served as an excellent mentor and the senior NCOs I served under continued that process.
  11. Nope, sorry. It still does not make him a "hero" in my book......
  12. Ferrous-like, perhaps? :D

    Agreed, though. A dependency culture has been created where there's no incentive to think for yourself and no requirement to do anything worthwhile with your life.

    Some of the talentless, useless, pointless specimens who get their faces plastered over the meeja lead me to believe in my darker moments that humanity really is a lost cause.
  13. Idolise no, but admire for doing something extreamly well, yes. There is a joy in watching an expert doing what they do. Whether its build a cabinate from a tree, play a piece of music or curl in a 40 yard cross to feet.

    I don't idolise poeple as a rule, but I felt privalidged to have met Nevil Southall some years back as his performances on the pitch gave me something to aim for and taught me the joy of playing sport. That has to mean something, right?
  14. Borderline obesity and a dodgy 'tache?
  15. My friends and family did this.

    But yes I do not have a problem with "admiring" someone, I am referring more to the sort of people that fall at others feet etc.