Idle, useless unit Recruit Training Wings...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Sep 30, 2007.

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  1. That got your attention.

    I've just been on an RT 5 weekend; 52 recruits going into the field for their first taste of life under the stars.

    Kit checks where performed, and threw up some worrying absences of kit; including messtins, ponchos, ( either none or the old, green wearable type) combat helmet, rainsuit ( complete ); numerous examples of no waterproof trousers, no BFA, no blank firing magazines...

    One female recruit - and bear in mind this is RT 5, so she will have been in the system for probably six months - had boots that, despite two pairs of insoles and thick socks where too big and rubbed badly enough to draw blood on both of her feet. Hats of to the recruit; she completed the 4-miler without complaint.

    Her feet are now in rag order, and I expect that she will not be able to train for some time. I'd not be too surprised if she thought, "poke this".

    I told her not to put her boots back on, but to carry on in her trainers.

    She had been told by her unit not to bring trainers as she was in the field - despite the RTC telling ALL students to bring ALL of their kit on EVERY weekend. This is the same unit that had told a recruit they could not lace their boots correctly until they had completed training...

    This state of affairs is down to one factor; poor - very poor - unit instructors. It is UNACCEPTABLE for recruits to be sent to an RTC without the correct kit; it is unfair on the recruits and it is unfair on the RTC.

    It is dreadful for retention and manning and it shows an absence of professionalism on the part of some units - and there are Usual Suspects, it transpires.

    The Recruit Training Wing should be a centre of excellence, not some post for a duffer that cannot do anything else. Its a cliche to say that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, but its also true.

    I'd not be surprised to find that very soon, recruits turning up without 100% correct kit will find their units getting a phone call at late o'clock friday requesting either the missing kit, or transport to take their recruit back.

    Look UP...
  2. Normaly I would never say this but, NAME AND SHAME!

    This is our future these idle feckers are messing with. It is part of our main effort to get people through the door and retain them. If this is how recruits are being treated then that unit is failing. The person in post needs to be sacked and further up the chain people need to start explaining how exactly this sort of behaviour is in anyway, shape or form acceptable and why it is a continuing occurence. The 'Investors in People' bit isn't just for sh1ts and giggles.
  3. Bravo Bravo.

    Quick one, slightly off topic. I was incredulous to learn ( from a friend who was an Instructor at an RTC ) that my unit's Recruits were turning up without issued kit until CMS(R) (TA). Every other bu.gger is given a black holdall of stuff when they attest. Ours have to rely on 2nd hand stuff held on the black economy, and stuff they buy from militaria stores. I know the Army's admin rules can be bizarre, but I refuse to believe that they can be this poor.

    I've approached the PSAO / Sqn hierarchy a number of times, only to be told that we're keeping to the letter of the law.

    Who is correct?


  4. Once attested, they should be given their kit, straight away.

    All that is required to get the kit is a number, and once you have that, you can be issued all your kit, and sign for it.

    Have your unit had problems with people getting as far as being attested, then fucking off? If so, that could be why. That kit ain't cheap.

    It is plain stupid not to issue the required kit. There is NO excuse for it.

  5. Tell me about it - my 17 year old had at least 3 fixed appointments in the last few months at a recruiting centre and arrived in good time on each occasion only to find the centre closed.

    The last appointment was for the basic test last week - and guess what - no one was there and my child was left feeling out of it again.

    Why are these youngsters messed about so much and made to feel worthless before they even join.

    My youngster really wants to be in the Army. My child has a Grandfather who is a retired Major and a cousin who is a serving Major.

    What more do we have to do.?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Are you talking about an Army Careers Information Office or a TA Centre?

  7. Some of our recruits only get a first issue of kit for phase 1 training the remainder gets issued upon completion. Therefore they do not have issue PT kit inc trainers when they attend the RTC. They then get ragged during PT for not having tthe correct PT Kit or for wearing base layer t shirts which are perfectly suitable for their purpose. This is wrong.
    It is not always down to poor instructors. Some units do not have anyone specifically allocated to the role. There are some units that have no interest in their recruits and this is reflected in the the recruits turnout.
  8. our unit only gets the basics for the first two weekends ie combats, beret, helmet, resp and boots. the rest is issued prior to going to cmsr. on that note our stores only give us two pairs of socks and no issue whatsoever of pt kit. just trying to get extra kit from them brings the following to mind - blood and stone.
  9. We've been fighting this problem for at least 7 years, despite the JIs having kitlists telling them to bring everything, the stores reps of various units use their superior knowledge about what is or isn't required and therefore dictate what the recruit brings, despite having no first hand knowlegde about what goes on. Fair enough a recruit may forget the odd thing.

    The units fail to see it as a retention problem, the recruit tips up and sees how badly thier unit has prepared them, or looks after them so they leave.

    We get frustrated & the recruits get pissed off, no matter how many times we explain that it isn't down to them, more their units.

    Is there any way around this, not really, some units play it by the book and since "the book(regs) say..." that's all they get.

    Common sense does not always prevail.

    So if you're a recruit going to a training w/e at your Regional Training Centre, BRING EVERYTHING YOU'VE BEEN ISSUED & make sure it fits, it's only you that will suffer after all.
  10. Yes.

    100% kit checks on arrival, with the transport waiting; if students are short of kit the driver either: takes them back to unit, or drives back to get the correct kit.

    This would require the unit sending troops to wait at the TAC until midnight on fridays before they recieve a call to say all is well, or stand by.

    I'd imagine that OCs and Training Majors / PSIs would allow this to happen about once before they tore their RTT a new derriere but IME too many units cannot be relied upon.

    This is not aimed at you YS but if units have no interest in their recruits ( and presumambly they are not sending instructors ) they should not be allowed to bid for places.

    Its a failure in the unit CoC.
  11. It may be worth noting that some Units mine included have no establishment for Recruits, thus they are held strength on the black economy. This obviously poses quite a problem for the QM and his staff when it comes to kit issue, as a result we have had occassions where a Recruit cannot be fully kitted out immediately although he/she will always have as much as is available. Recruits are always given a chit explaining difficiencies and hopefully RTC staff will take this into account when a Recruit turns up minus items of kit.
  12. simple way of doing things is the Unit issue one set of uniform beret belt badges and unit specific items and one pair of boots for the unit run weekends and the rtc issue every thing else which then comes of the units budget that owns the recruit
  13. Are you talking about an Army Careers Information Office or a TA Centre?


    Gender Re-assignment boss? :twisted:

    Blanket stacker syndrome, don't you just love 'em!

    Though I agree that issuing the full kit list on attestation is costly if the recruit does one after week one. It is an incentive for the newbies and makes them feel part of the green machine. Given the amount of time these days before any meaningful training starts at RTC the powers that be should make retention of potential soldiers a priority.
    My own (ex) unit lost many a good quality recruit through the system being so bloody slow to utilise them and keeping their initial enthusiasm up.

    Its generally not the fault of the sub-unit recruiting staff who on the whole are a dedicated lot and have to fight the system at every turn to get their charges into uniform.

    The whole recruiting process should be fast track - don't they know there is a war on. :x
  14. I can't really complain about my Unit, the rule is kit gets packed on the Tuesday evening before an RT weekend the once every one is gathered at HQ we do a full kit check. Any missing kit is borrowed from stores. Once that is done then jump on to the four ton truck for a fun packed weekend of learning.