Idiots guide to touring.


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Right, not quite sure where this post is going so bear with me.

Ok, well there is a group of people (Yes, we're Wales OTC, but that's irrelvant for the minute) who are trying to put together a football tour. And that's about as far as we've got at the moment as regards hard planning, as opposed to that-sounds-good-over-a-pint.

Having spoken to our training major, as well as our CSM/OC etc on a purely informal basis, it seems we have the go-ahead. However due to the massive budget cuts in the OTC (Oi, you at the back, its not "About time") there isn't a lot of money around. We may be able to get insurance and some transport but thats about it.

So basically, we are practically planning this as an independent tour. Thus my query is aimed at those of you who have done such tours in the past, and what needs to be organised/thought about. A main aim is to try and minimise costs as much as possible.

Insurance, accomdation, kit(sponsership?) transport, opposition are a few - any others?

Many thanks:D

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