Idiotic punishments

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by happybonzo, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Right, white-washing the snow / coal. Cutting the grass with nail scissors, cleaning the Khazi with some one else's tooth brush

    Has anyone got any more suggestions of a similarly futile nature?
  2. Stripping the guardroom cell door frames in the aim of shining the metal with brasso, only for the RP's to realise door frames are not made from brass and painting them again.
  3. painting grass green

    mopping the carpets

    bumpering the ceiling

    painting kerb stones - all of them
  4. Stripping the paint from shaving foam and boot polish tins.
    Bulling the back of a polish brush.
    My eyes are welling up thinking about my memories of the punt,all them years ago.
  5. oh yes RoPs - bulling of respirator, brasso mess tins, bull black plimsoles oh the horrors
  6. Just the thought of ROPs would s hit me up,but I never ever had them in 12 years service.
    Fined(3 times)
    Bust(just the once)

    Happy days.
  7. tippexing the gravel outside the guard room white
  8. Entire troop having to wear best boots for fieldcraft a week before Passing Out Parade

    The joys of an 1157 check, oh didn't they used to call them change parades before they got banned? :D

    Show parades of done by myself and others:

    Show No.2's without fat b'stard gut stretching the buttons, got a few no shows for that one :(

    Show bed without pubes on sheets, mate had to strip his bed down and carry it to the Guardroom and rebuild it there

    Show locker setout correctly, same as bed entire locker had to be taken to Guardroom
  9. Change parades are banned?!
  10. Taking <<insert item from room, locker, bed etc>> up to the training area to "give it some fresh air", then bring it back again coz its "cold".

    Pan bash, how many of us stuck still half dirty wet pans back on the rack?

    Painting 3 * Chieftains green, then black then back to how they should be in the middle of the night coz someone lost his gat.

    Standing outside the gym on NCO's cadre, temp minus 15, dressed in pt kit whilst staff had a coffee, bstards!
  11. section across the hall, had a bee in their room during inspection. whole section on show parade showing bee removed from room. Corporal turned up had a look at a now bee free room and was not a happy bunny. The section actually had to show a bee that had been removed from room, they caught one and stuck it in a jar. how we laughed
  12. The whole platoon leopard crawling to the cookhouse at Barry Butlins (the old one with tin roofs) because someone had f ucked up some how.
    It wouldn't of been so bad if it was just us there,but to be face down in the dirt whilst RAF Regiment lads casually stroll past us sniggering on their way to scoff.
    Oh,the humiliation.....
  13. Bulling an orange
    Bulling a brick on the cell wall
    Show parade showing less stupid expression on face.
  14. 1. Go-karting day out.
    2. Adventure holiday.
    3. ASBOs.
    4. Holiday camp prisons: Three square meals per day, with the use of TVs, DVD players, Sky Sports, table tennis tables, pool tables, central heating, plumbing, blankets, drugs, comfort. Like being back in the womb, and all for feck all.

    Prison has become the new welfare. :roll:
  15. Show dust removed from under bed.

    Shows clean floor under bed.

    No you dozy * I said show dust removed from under bed.

    took me 30 mins to show some under bed dust, corridor dust and laundry room dust were not good enough.