Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by KERZAL4LIFE, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. Yeah boi I went up dere dis am but no peeps abowt so chipped back to me crib. Gutted tho! Oh well, always 2moz!!! I new here fpr ne1 reading, namez craig but mostly peeps chat me as cmack.

    Ma boi says he noes some peeps in dere an they prop tight like so gonna get the say so on me an get me in quick snap an that, iv been proper runnin an that and now proper hench from gJim so gonna be a breeze yo!

  2. What?
  3. sup bruv? U in army??????
  4. Wah, surely!
  5. Brap, dis blud ain't frontin.

    You all buff and ting?
  6. U chattin breez gal puuurrree joka!! LOLZ

    Ye gal pure hench, bin bustin out sum phat waits, lukin gud!

    Galz alowd in da Army den? xxxx
  7. Pure phat boi, lethal crak

    Galz, find out... ROFL
  8. Enough, if you want to take the piss do it elsewhere.
  10. Jog on prick