Idiot walks into army careers office

Idiot walks into an army careers office wanting to join the Army and he's confronted by a crusty Major

MAJOR you can't just walk in off the street, you need to pass a couple of tests first. Tell you what, here's a stick of Dynamite, go blow something up

IDIOT ahhh hhaa hha okay then

so the Idiot walks away with the Dynamite and a few minutes later a huge explosion is heard. The Major looks out the window, and out of the billowing smoke walks the Idiot gurning away

IDIOT aahhha ha haaahh there, i've blown something up

MAJOR so you have, very good, now it's the intelligence test; how many letters in the alphabet

IDIOT aahh ahh hha 24

MAJOR no, think again

IDIOT aahh hhahh hah 24

MAJOR no, there's 26

IDIOT no, there's 24, I've just blown up B & Q

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