Idiot tries to drive into helicopter

Too much to hope that a short spell in jail beckons pour encourager les autres?

BBC News - Gamekeeper 'drove Land Rover' at Army helicopter

Slack reporting though? Do we have any Lt QHI, which is what the article implies, or was this some dual GH?
I am assuming that the crew have to check for obstacles under the helicopter during the decent and aren't actually expecting mad bumpkins trying to ram them in Landrovers. Too much to hope the old idiot is given a nice big fine, as it's unlikely that he'll be put away for it. These country lot don't like losing money to the government. and if he is a gamekeeper, his actions could have done serious damage to his boss' vehicle and he should be looking at the sack for carelessness.


If the field was notified OOB, this would have come up at morning prayers. Duty Stude may well find himself in hot water.........
Was it a grey squirrel?
Other halfs father is a game keeper locally, sunny Oxfordshire, who has had dealings over the years with our brethren in Light Blue.

Seems they have a penchant for practising various manoeuvres in their nice shiny Merlin's in the local areas, at o'dark o'clock of late.

He does have the view they need to practice and has no qualms with that but when said Merlin the other night was in a low hover, about 50 yards from the partridge rearing pens he did get a little miffed. His words, he did drive toward the helicopter although had dipped lights to avoid startling etc the pilot but made it clear that they were not welcome.

Said Pilot did move back and put down at a safe distance, and fair dues, had the balls to get out and speak to the Father in Law.

Seems the biys at Benson, 2 miles away, had sought the landowners permission to practice in the field they were in, shame they had asked the owner of the neighbouring estate instead.

Fair dues, now permanently on the local NOTAMS for Jul to Sep to avoid repercussions to several thousand partridges falling over these days. Pr man did well and outlaw enjoyed his trip etc courtesy of the RAF to view the training undertaken and lovely snaps from the air of the estate.

In defence of the gamekeeper I can understand his frustration as it is incredibly long hours, hard physical work, and can ruin the whole shoot season when birds die because they are frightened awake then fly full tilt into the mesh of the pens and break their necks etc.

And yes they do operate low enough round here to read tail numbers......
Under cross-examination, Stewart Patterson, representing Hughes, suggested to Lt Higgins that he had not looked properly before descending.

He said: "If you had been keeping a proper look out before the last descent you would have seen it?"

Lt Higgins replied: "Yes, in those circumstances."
Sounds like "Oops" from here. Secondly 570mils makes a good point.

Sounds like "Oops" from here. Secondly 570mils makes a good point.

No. The orbital recce that students are taught is a pretty rigorous check of the area. You can also bet that if the site was OOB then it's highly likely that the crew would have respected that.

Vehicles can be hard to spot if they are in a treeline, so can bird penning.

Additionally an unwritten part of the recce is to assume that people on the ground act using bounded rationality, i.e. under normal circumstances a vehicle some way away from the LS is not going to drive dangerously towards a helicopter clearly approaching a hover. If someone does then they are clearly a fecking idiot. There are lots of these about, shining bright lights or lasers at aircraft, or cruising below 500' (illegal) and maintaining poor lookout when doing so.

Rotary training is an essential skill and conducted in the UK with some rigour. It doesn't need some cnut with a misguided sense of protection for a pen full of unfortunate animals bred as targetry to wantonly attempt a form of kamikaze on an aircraft. Hence my Voltaire above; he should be made an example of...

...ideally with a burst from an AH.
Could be that the aircraft crew are at fault, most AAC airframes have at least one penis on board, it's the rules.
Hey, Plant Pilot. Like your avatar. They were my first posting, back in 1974. Happy days.

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