Idiot test: Short or Winterton?

Who's the biggest moron - Clare Short or Anne Winterton?

  • Clare Short - Treasonous hag?

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  • Anne Winterton - Racist-gag wielding die-hard?

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Who's the biggest moron?

Runaway communist machinegun, who has just depth-charged UK credibility on the world stage?

Or Blue-rinse Racist Diva, doing her best to keep the Tories unelectable?

Who's it to be?


War Hero
not fair GROWNUPS_BEWARE both are t@ts, why cant you vote for both :(
Groaning Bear,

You have us at a disadvantage Sir, - Claire Short - Treasonous hag from XMG?

Call me retired but I had always thought that Claire Short was bread and buttered in the Handsworth district of Birmingham? Or are you alluding to something else?

Do tell ….

Well it is tough, but one's a political non-entity, opposition MP who admittedly made a couple of bloopers, both of which were at after dinner speeches, probably after a few drinks and jokes that would probably not turn heads in any bar. In fact we've probably all heard them if not told them ourselves. The other, an ex-cabinet minister and current MP in the government, who broke the OSA live on BBC radio while stone cold sober.

No contest when you think about it huh? :roll:

And Ms Shorts horrific bad looks didn't even blur my decision, not that the other one is a looker :?
Further to my last..... one has been booted out of the party (time for another after dinner speech? :D ) and the other, over 24 hours later hasn't even been told off.

They are probably trying to find someone in the Labour Party brave enough to confront the ugly cow! Gives you great confidence in the current Govt huh?
The Dear Leader has apparently dealt with Ms Short's allegation by shrugging his shoulders and describing it as 'typical Claire'. One can only assume that he is seeking to avoid any focus on his own behaviour.
ViroBono said:
The Dear Leader has apparently dealt with Ms Short's allegation by shrugging his shoulders and describing it as 'typical Claire'. One can only assume that he is seeking to avoid any focus on his own behaviour.
Telling her that she's broken the rules, flaunted her position as an ex-minister, ridden roughshod over the trust her party has given her and expelling her from the party would draw a lot less flak and show the govt in a lot better light that sitting there, doing nothing, letting her get away with it and looking like a bunch of ineffective prats ever would.

Today we have learned from our government that it's not okay to keep a child out of school fo a day, no matter what the reason, but it's okay to betray the government and renegade on a contract (The OSA) if you feel like it. Muppets! :x
God...I'll have to do some research now....but let me clarify - I'm referring to pro-republican comments she's been known to make in the past, rather than any formal linkage. If you want Chapter and verse it won't be quick and it'll be from interviews/speeches etc in the media. But its not unique, and this shuoldn't be too slanderous - Ken Livingstone, Tony Benn, John Lennon (admittedly dead) and several others have often madee pro-republican comments - so this shouldn't be that contentious. Belt and braces - I am not saying she is an active SF/PIRA supporter - I am saying she has made pro-republican comments. PM me if you need more, and I'll spend the rest of the night on Google - not!

What does make her a traitor is her recent exhibition re our intelligence services.
Some journo wrote a book called Bandit Country (I think).

In that he names several of the big players and chieftans in the XMG area. No one ever sued him so presumably they were happy to be named as murderers/gangsters/thugs, (or didn't want to follow Slab and lose a packet in legal fees).

I believe that in the book he named one who he said was Miss Shorts uncle.

Since New Labour came to look like being electable Short has made no pronouncements openly supporting the IRA, but then she wouldn't , Would she?

Thanks for the clarification. The "dead ground" over whether or not she may or may not have made pro-republican speeches is one I'm sure we could all argue over.

That she's a gobby Brummie Bird, is not open to debate, but her constituents are today, according to local reports, gleeful that she fisted the Beloved Leader...

PartTimePongo said:
If no link is available, I'll have to remove the thread.
Ah...excellent. Censorship is alive and well. Presumably it's okay to breach the OSA, but to 'dis' to the provos is in breach of the GFA?

Clare's uncle is Paddy Short, proprietor of Paddy Short's pub in Crossmaglen.

"Born on February 15 1946, Clare Short is descended from victims of the Irish famine. She still has relatives in the fiercely republican village of Crossmaglen, in south Armagh. Her uncle Paddy, who runs Short's bar in the village, proudly displays a picture of her father, Frank, with Eamon de Valera, the late Irish president.",9061,605214,00.html
Censorship is alive and well in this case if a suggestion is made, that there may be a connection between a prominent politician and Irish "nationalists" , without some form of anecdotal evidence.

Especially when this forum is crawling with tabloid journalists, and civil servants.

Sometimes, remarks can be taken out of context, especially when it gives ammunition to critics of this forum .

That is the only reason for any censorship .

That and teddy throwing between posters :D



Former International Development Secretary Clare Short has launched a blistering attack on Britain's top civil servant after he ordered her to end her claims over UN bugging.

Ms Short said Andrew Turnbull had allowed Britain to "rush to war" in Iraq without the proper preparations.

She said the Secretary of the Cabinet and head of the Home Civil Service had neglected his duty to ensure key meetings took place.

And she blamed him for allowing Alastair Campbell to chair the Joint Intelligence Committee.

She said Mr Turnbull had allowed the Government's decision-making system to "crumble".

Her attack came after Mr Turnbull ordered her not to re-open the row over her UN bugging claims.

In a TV interview, she said: "He allowed us to rush to war in Iraq without defence and overseas policy meeting, looking at all the military options and the diplomatic options and political options. (He) allowed the Joint Intelligence Committee to meet with Alastair Campbell chairing it. He has allowed our decision making system to crumble."

She revealed a letter from Mr Turnbull sent to her on Friday telling her not to do any further interviews on the subject.

He said he reserved the right of the Crown to take "any further action as necessary".

He said he was "extremely disappointed" that she saw fit to make claims which damaged the country's interests.

She defended her decision to defy his demand saying: "So much smearing is going on I just want to give my account of events."

My emphasis

I thought my initial suspicions were correct:- Ms Short was not born anywhere near XMG - family connects (all be they local, a little centre of the far right), yes but not the heavy brigade.

PTP was right to threaten censorship. This could so easily in the Politically charged atmosphere we now find ourselves, blow-up in our faces. This site may well boost a Rumour persona but is still liable and its owners held responsible under the law.

Well done PTP, it needs someone to stop these young blades charging around un-tethered!

In light of Ms Short's true profile, does this now mean you will be pulling this thread?


PS. I really do hate to rain on your parade.

Not much chance of pulling the thread now that the actual circumstances are ascertained Ivor.

Besides which, it saves opening another one, to deal with "The further thoughts of Chairwoman Claire"

.....and confidence is high that Ms. Short is holding a whole pile of Aces, and is currently playing the "Softly softly catchee monkey" game.

While I agree, there's no point in trying to defuse a bomb after it's gone off - I was thinking more retrospectively. The fact there is a Poll, be it ever so circumspect - it's the cost of ownership that was causing concern!

We can only live in hope that this "pile of aces" exists - I should like nothing better than to see that smug smile being wiped off cheesy Tone's face. But there's the lose cannon factor to contend with and that alone could be the Blair get out of jail free card - and I would just hate for anyone (naively or otherwise), to give them anything in the way of ammunition.


If you think for a moment that this site is remotely threatened by a poll criticising Short (and background), you are even more risk averse than your prior traffic suggests. Members here exercise anonymously the freedom of speech they forego as members of HM forces, with the understanding that OPSEC and the the good of the service is not threatened. Senior Officers, the media and all manner of other parties take an interest, but within reason as a. things remain relatively sensible; b. its an internet chatsite, and therefore not a particularly serious source of attributable info and c. ITS A FREE COUNTRY.

If you've got a problem with this thread, stay off it. If you wish to become a moderator, PM the appropriate people (if you know them). Otherwise stop being a busybody and get on with your life as a traffic warden, or whatever you are.
Well done PTP, it needs someone to stop these young blades charging around un-tethered!

In light of Ms Short's true profile, does this now mean you will be pulling this thread?
You pompous ass.
Bottom line is that this woman has arogantly put us all at risk, in the main to further her own political aims and seek revenge against Blair.

She doesn't give a sh*t about rights & wrongs of the issue as she has proven hereself to lack any sense of integrity by not resigning as Minister earlier last year.

Politicians at her level should be more mature.

I imagine the intel from the Yanks may be somewhat constrained now ( and I don't blame 'em). Will Claire Short feel any remorse if British citizens are killed due to a lack of intel? Doubt it, she is too self centred to even understand.


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