Idiot slagging off the British Army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stoatman, May 29, 2005.

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  1. I wouldn't normally advocate a forum war (although I do proudly wear my campaign medals from at least one), but there's a little twerp claiming loudly that the British Army uses the Gurkhas as cannon fodder, that they are sent into battle in front of white troops and that we hide behind them, that we are to blame for the suicides of those that fail selection, along with the pension issues. This is egregious lying, and he needs to be set straight. This kind of thing really grips my sh1t.

    The guy's a Spam, late-30s/early 40s, and claims to have been the Quake II CTF world champion 3 years in a row when the game was at its peak. He's also the idiot that has claimed a lot of firearms related BS, such as that section fire never takes place at 600m with assault rifles anywhere in the world (despite it being in PAM2), that at 600m you'd have to aim off a lot (he seems to never have heard of adjustable sights & thinks you'd have to point at the sky to make a .223 travel 600m), that self-loading wpns are less powerful than non-self-loaders, and that the piddly little M1 carbine is an assault rifle. He also claimed that the US has never used any foreign-born troops for anything (but did eventually accept that there's 41,000 non-citizens serving at the moment and that you can serve as a non-citizen) and shrugged off suggestions about the Bay of Pigs, i.e. the US using a large group of Cubans for a little invasion & then leaving them to rot. He also thinks that he speaks for how all Americans think of the British use of Gurkhas.

    Anyway, here's the offending post itself... Please feel free to come into the thread and add your two-pennorth (any British Gurkha officers would be particularly welcome):

  2. Just had a look and im just not going to waste an ounce of effort on this imbecile... prhaps we should direct him to Al jazzer's ..he could help to write the propaganda for the muslim fanatics... or prehaps we colud invite him into the NAFFI?????????????????? Now that would be some fun....
  3. This dude clearly has some sort of chip (Hyperbole) on his shoulder

  4. We've tried to invite him to 2 threads, one to deal with section fire at 600m (which he still maintains that no army does, despite it being in PAM2) - thread in Inf, and another to deal with the M1 carbine, which he maintains is an assault rifle (that one's in Mil. History & Militaria cos it's not of general interest). He won't come in, although I believe the 1 person who voted "yes" to the M1 carbine poll is him (someone made him the username C_o_D).

    There's no chance he'll turn up for this party, so the only way to deal with him is to take the fight to him.
  5. very well... whats the plan ? mindless , childish abuse or intellectual assault?
  6. Intellectual assault, but be prepared for the following:

    Moving the goalposts - you will be informed that you said something which you did not, or that what you said means something different, particularly if this concerns the knub of the argument.
    Your sources will be childishly ignored - remember that his opinion is more valid than your sources.
    Freudian projection - he will accuse you of doing things that he himself is doing, e.g. having no sources whatsoever, sanitising posts, not having proved anything.
    Selective reading
    Being called "kiddo"
    The Voice of America - remember that he speaks for all americans in terms of their opinions about things.

    If this fails, then start the mindless, childish abuse (you might be driven to it).
  7. Roger, crossing the line of departure... wait out........!!!!!!!!!
  8. In the FRV now, stoaty. Wait out.
  9. BTW, you'll know when he's there.
    He's the consistently "hidden" member on site.
  10. forward recce elements have deployed.. no sighting as yet.....
  11. Is it just me or, for most of the turgid drivvle he's used the cut and paste facility on his computer for, is the real truth behind his gripe is that we employ soldiers from a number of nations who all brave the fight as comrade in arms and fall as a result of enemy action. Whereas the Amercians more often than not fall as a result of their own action?

    'Dang Sarge and I thought the company advancing away from us was some kind of ROOSKIe trick they all dressed in them yankee outfits and all Sarge' [cue sound of cloying patriotic singing, guys throwing rugby balls wrapped in 10 lbs of plastic, fervent flag waving noteworthy of a Goebbell's film etc etc etc]

    Or am I missing the point of this thread .....
  12. No your nearly there... i hate to be small minded but i get a picture of a small red neck hick who has realised the horrors that his white robed pals have been up to down on the town square with a burning crucifix. So he's sat in a dimly lit motel room with f-all to do but cut/paste and make up shite whilst gabbling to himself and whistling the national anthem before (and this is wishful thinking) blowing his brains out with his pa's 12 gauge........or is it M1 carbine???
  13. Now he's claiming that he was arguing /against/ people who said that we used the gurkhas as cannon fodder, whereas it was he who made the contention in the 1st place!

    Does he think that we are as dim as he is?
  14. I have to say, life is far too short to spend it arguing with a cretin like that. Just make him cry and walk away.