Idiot Reporters

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Silent_Assassin, Nov 3, 2007.

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  1. Quote "Indonesia's Mount Kelud volcano appears to have erupted" (BBC News) 8O

    Chuffin hell it's quite simple it has or it hasn't !! its like shooting your muck, you've either fired a magnificent load for your misses to do with as she pleases or you've blown a blank and your on the receiving end of death stares and silence :x

    Next the news will be telling us the PM might be usefull....... when we all know he isn't
  2. Like weather reports, at least they have a stab in the dark.
  3. News reporters?! I sh1t 'em! They're always hanging around a non worthy news story, ready to start stating the obvious and insulting people's intelligence. Especially the Sky News reporters, they seem to be rather good at stringing out a non story.
  4. Or just onr of the Telegraphs lead stories today about the alcohol abuse in the Armed Forces- with the lead photo of American troops in Iraq?
  5. If you show the general public a picture of a yank and a british soldier would they know which is which ?
    Must be a slow day , no blood
  6. Course they will. One will be smart as a carrot and the other dumb as a twot.