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Idiot Girl Gives 2d Amendment a bad name

if you only had some kind of licensing system with vetting procedure for keeping disreputable types away from the beloved sport eh?? ^~


Book Reviewer
I was impressed by the comments made by "alumnus10" - he must have forgotten about the muslamic ray guns as he seemed to have all the other bases covered.
"But Mr. Savage says this is none of the government’s business. Just a little country girl having fun in the woods"

I would willingly take her to the woods for fun...!!
Hell, this is a stupid statement for her to post up on Faceache but it's not like publicly hating on the Feds isn't becoming a mainstream posture in the US and I tend to agree with the father:
Her public Facebook profile show several pictures of Savage with her fire arms. Plus number statements about her distaste for the people that have charged her.

"I despise all law enforcement and any governing authority," her Facebook profile states. "I am not one for selective targeting
but mass destruction."

But Mr. Savage says this is none of the government’s business. Just a little country girl having fun in the woods.

"The government, don't have a whole lot of use for," Savage said. "I think everybody ought to be able to stay on their property, do whatever the heck they want to."

Mr. Savage says his daughter is not a terrorist, militia member, or a drug user. He’s not a big fan of some her friends, though.
Girl's just dumb as a tench and in pursuit of happiness. You don't post up pictures of privy demolition if you have malign intent.
..........................*heh heh, I said booby ;-)
Careful, you'll get banned.

On another note: Is it feckin surprising that people pop up with bloody full auto, dynamite, grenade launchers and the like when you see what is for sale in the USA. Its just a case of doing the rounds, buying all the bits and then using a pritt stick and hammer to assemble them.

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