Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rassman, Jul 22, 2006.

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  1. Okay so how good are the IDF compared to our forces, yes they have american equipment and are probably more combat induced than we are. The airforce have flew numerous missions against their neighbours, but are there neighbours a good enough standard to compare them against.

    If it ever came to would we beat them?
  2. As much as I like the IDF and Israel, you can be rest assured

    10 000 IDF could be of no use compared to 100 Ulster men :eek:
  3. IDF is very good, well trained and equipped armed forces, well motivated and brave.

    Мы Вятские - парни хватские, семеро одного не боимся.
  4. With quite a few Russians in the ranks too!
  5. Theyd fcuk our half battalion ( all we have spare ) over in a morning!
  6. You sure? Half a Battalion?

    I think we could have them.

    T C
  7. The British Army is a professional force with a long and glorious fighting tradition - irrespective of GB's geographical location.
    The IDF (standing army) is a mainly conscript force - established to prevent the State of Israel from being annihilated.
    Each army could give the other a very tough fight.
    The outcome would depend a lot on the nature, duration and location of the conflict, but having served in both, I know that what would really determine it would be the availability of beer for the British and weekend leave for the Israelis.
  8. Let's go and start a fight, I think we'd take them.
  9. don't know. the british men are tougher. the israelis are more childish. need their mummy and live by chocolate bars. but when it comes to defend the home, ppl are determined
  10. Piece of piss.


    Jordan would benefit by having a larger coast line too.
  11. Whichever side has the most embedded journalists in it will lose.Therefore,I have a nagging suspicion HM forces will be fighting on two fronts:the IDF to the front and public opinion to the back giving the Jews a disticnt advantage and thus enabling them to win by a rout.
  12. Its a tasty question but first lets agree what and where the fight would be about, Moras is correct in pointing out the Isreali home advantage likewise for Tom if the Hun come knocking - but only Tom has proven himself game on any shore, however we are both small nations acknowledged as ones who can go toe to toe with anyone - so how about IDF V's HMG AF over our God given right to own.....Thailand.

    Its fair as its on the other side of the globe and providing a firm test of the overall ability of the parties in question.

    And even though its never been it has always wanted to be British,
  13. They would blow your cover. Jewish men are circumcised.
    You, I fear, are a complete prick.

    Why would we consider fighting the IDF? Is there a likelihood that they will annexe Tottenham, or that they will join the present unpleasantness in Iraq on the side of the jihadis?

    No? Everyone thinks their army/battalion/company/platoon is the best in the whole world, but folk get rapidly disillusioned when such theories are put to the test. Best not to even think about it.

  14. Except......

    We might get a few back. Glassing over a few of Englands urban centres. Actually the idea does have some attraction..... Cut down on the welfare bill for a start.

  15. at last. say it again :D