IDF uses Palestinians as human shield ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jul 21, 2006.

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    If true then have Hamas/Hezbollah a moral right to use captured Israeli soldiers as a human shield?
  2. Go away Sergy, you know what happens in conflict, stop stirring the pot.
  3. Me? Stirring the pot? It's Yediot Ahronot, a popular Israeli newspaper. Our friend Arik recommended it.

    By the way, if Hamas would use the captured soldier as a human shield and and the poor lad would be killed then Israel would lose any ground to continue the operation on Palestinian territories.
  4. And what do you think Hezbollah are doing placing the rocket launchers amongst their own people Sergey? A third of the casualties are children because they are also being used as human shields.
  5. Of course, these children are collateral damage. I can't blame the Israelis for the strickes. Shia villages in the Southern Lebanon are strongholds of Hezbollah.

    However I can't understand why Christian areas of Lebanon are being bombed, why regular Lebanese army are being attacked.

    Back to the topic, there is a big difference: the Israelis allegedly use not own (Israeli) citizens as a human shield.
  6. Against the likes of Hamas who have no regard for the lives of their own people, I should think it is not a very effective tactic anyway. However, reading between the lines, it could equally be said that the Israelis were preventing the civvies from exposing themselves during a firefight. Maybe they were actually protecting the civvies? As for the stairwell thing, it could be that they were just evacuating them from the building. Without impartial access to the situation and evidence I would take the claims of "Human Rights" groups with a pinch of salt.
    Every story has two sides Sergey, more often than not, the truth is usually somewhere in the middle.
  7. While i do remember hearing of an outrage over palestinians being forced to accompany israelis into buildings on searches

    1) This was at least a year ago if not more

    2) On closer inspection the "palestinian human shields" were actually interpreters/guides for the IDF and were not bound as palestinian media and others claimed (not that this rebuttal made the front pages in typical style)

    While i cant agree with what israel are doing now i do have sympathy for the way that anything they do is raved about in the media just as bad and at points even more exaggerated or just imagined than the stories that appear about our blokes in iraq. The Arab media i feel can very very rarely be trusted in my eyes after all exaggerated casualties and highly biased/fictional stories that not even our media could get away with.

    Of note i dont think it would be as effective a tactic as it is on israeli forces anyway seeing as Hamas it cannot be denied have a scant regard for human life of civilians anyway
  8. From the BBC 2005

  9. Comment 2) Withdrawn then pending finding the article where they were interpreters in different incident
  10. Better than nothing at all :eek: