IDF to abandon its last British Army heritage

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mora, May 14, 2006.

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  1. Berets were adopted by the Israeli army at the foundation of the Jewish state in 1948, copying those worn by the British troops who had enforced Britain's rule over mandate-period Palestine.

  2. Well I wont be marching 90km graduation and climbing Masada for a baseball hat!!
  3. Beret rule widely ignored??!!! Send over some WO1s, put them in their place pretty quick :)

    I think the US patrol caps look terrible, I can't understand an army wanting to follow suit. It might just be because it's what I'm used to seeing, but I think berets - when properly worn - look proffesional, and in the case of the British Army have some history behind them (colour, cap badge etc).
  4. Remember those DPM jap hats from the 70's/80's ? Returned when I got out in the same pristine condition in which it was issued-verboten in my lot!
    Fine for 1st Chav battalion mind......................
  5. Colour coded baseball caps! does the IDF want to change it's TCV's for Rainbow Buses (MLAR Tpt Ops).

    For rehydration they could issue those classy hats with the 2 can holders and drinking straw!
  6. British Army

    Sky Blue - Army Air Corps

    Dark Blue - British Army

    Grey - QARANC

    : Khaki - used By Guards & Infantry

    Light Infantry - Rifle Green

    Royal Air Force - Blue-Grey

    Royal Engineers - Navy Blue

    Israeli Army




    Light blue-air force,

    Green-Nachal(kibbutz fighters),


  7. You are right on both counts, unfortunately in the IDF one is not taught how to shape the beret and they are usually placed in the left shoulder epaulette and are only usually seen there on going to or home from base. Remainder of time they are shoved into your travel bag. There are no lessons on how to turn out be presentable in uniform in basic as such there just is no time for such things, other training is considered far more important.

    Very little importance is attached to turn out on dress A's (uniform worn for going home) compared to the British army especially in field units. I can never remember seeing an iron in the army.

    There is history to IDF beret colours (exclusive of the latest ones e.g. artillery) and the oldest are based on the British army i.e. black for tanks, red for paratroops.
  8. Good to see their MPs have very important jobs that they do to the best of their abilities.
  9. [​IMG]

    Leaders and citizens react to Isareli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's massive stroke, which left him near death. An Israeli soldier prays at Jerusalem's Western Wall, Judaism's holiest site. Photo: AP
  10. Widely loathed like in any other army but with a major positive - the IDF MPs seem to get some of the best looking girls conscripted in, so there are some compensations by being stopped by them! You may have seen a few on 'Army Women' photo threads posted on arrse.
  11. I thought he was playing hide and seek...
  12. Two Israeli teen celebs drafted

    Roni, pop singer

  13. This has what relevance to the original topic? Obviously not complaining, but the saliva is playing havoc with my keyboard and I might have to nip off somewhere private for a bit...
  14. Also known as Cap, DILAC (Don't I look a cnut)

    Actually, I can see the sense in some form of peaked hat or cap in areas where ther is extreme glare caused by sunlight.
  15. The 6th Airborne Division


    Para of British Army in Palestine Uniforms.