IDF reservist speaks out.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. IDF reservist now speaking on the World Service about his actions in the recent Lebanese campaign. He's talking anonymously as his comments will not be well received by the IDF.

    He was an MLRS battery commander who launched, 'hundreds of rockets into Lebanon for political reasons.'

    He explains quite well what and how he was supplied with missions. He accepts that there will be 'as many as 400,000 duds' lying in southern Lebanon and that the 'indescriminite use of the MLRS' was 'unjustified'.
  2. IDF spokeswoman now on trying to rebut the accusations that the political leadership deliberately employed the MLRS to deny Lebanese the possibility to return to the land.

    Initially attacks the reservist by claiming that he is just some civilian and that his comments are thus irrelevant.

    Then tries to whip up the fervour by asking what would we do if somebody launches rockets on London.

    Apparently, launching 1,800 MLRS rockets loaded with cluster munitions was justified, because, "Hezbollah used a variety of rockets: 240mm, 122mm, 120mm and others."


    No transcript, but a link here:

  3. Just how many MLRS Battery commanders does the IDF have?
  4. My thoughts too. If he is who he claims to be, then the IDF witch-hunters will have started with about 5-6 names on a list. How long to whittle that down?

    So. Does that mean he's a complete buffoon, a ringer, a liar, or a Vanunu mk. 2??
  5. MOSSAD probably new he was going to do the interview before he did!
  6. Wouls a Battery commander be briefed on the political reasons for using his unit, or would his senior officers just point to the grid references and say, "do it"
  7. Don't forget that the Israelis have far, far more reservists as a percentage of the population than we do in the UK. The UK attitude where the military stands slightly apart from civil society is quite alien. There also tend to be a strong moral and religious imperative to fight the good fight, to do the right thing. Just look at 1973 for a good illustration.

    So it's quite likely that this chap is genuine and may well represent what many are feeling in the ranks of the IDF.
  8. I forgot that bit Oots - I think the fact that he is a reservist battery commander takes him further out of the loop as far as knowing the reasons of his poitical masters for the strikes
  9. He could also be a MLRS vehicle commander and not battery commander. Combinations of Journos, Language and a tiny bit of Waltism may do the tric methinks. :roll:
  10. Let me try to rely a little more of what the chap said - from memory.

    He first explained a bit about what the MLRS can do, how it works and why he believed it was the wrong weapon to use in this conflict. Along the lines of, 'it's an area denial weapon not a precision devise for targetting single, isolated terrorists or terrorist positions or single katyusha launchers.'

    He explained that he was first told, 'that they would only use MLRS against "nature reserves"', which he explained, 'were areas of no human habitation etc.' Then he explained how targetting was initially made. First, a radar locating outpost would identify the approximate position of a katyusha launch. An MLRS battery would then be ordered to fire on these 'approximate' coordinates - irrespective of whether this was in or near a built up area.

    He then went on to explain why, even though he had reservations about using MLRS, not only did he accept the call up, but also deployed and fired the things. His response was that, the 'international impact of telling his story AFTER the event would be far greater than a byline in a newspaper about a court martial for not accepting the call up or insubordination!' So, this was all planned for maximum damage to the Israeli government. Hmmmmm!

    He then accused the Israeli political leadership for deliberately using the MLRS knowing that it was an area denial weapon AND that they knew that the number of duds would be so high that the land would continue to be denied for some time.....

    He didn't pull his punches.
  11. So it was anacdotal and not knowledge which was the basis of his accusations of a political basis for firing MLRS
  12. Did he provide the BBC with a written order signed by Olmert or Peretz demanding the indescrimiate rocket attack on Lebanese civilian areas? No.

    Did he provide the BBC with audio tapes where Olmert or Peretz order the indescrimiate rocket attack on Lebanese civilian areas? No.

    Has this reserve IDF officer, in charge of an MLRS battery (if he's genuine) actually taking part in the rocket attacks, spent the last few weeks gathering as much information as possible to discredit the Israeli government? Yes.

    What the nature is of this information, I don't know any more than you do. I suspect that he has deliberately engaged as many senior officers as possible trying to establish the details behind the thoughts: who said what, when and why etc etc. Whether his case is weak or strong, he feels bold enough to go public and, I expect, to receive a major assault on his integrity, loyalty and god knows what else.
  13. The shortfall in his integrety is that he was prepared to go public.... anonymously
  14. Maybe he should have written a memo - and then leaked it! :D
  15. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Now its not like the Israelis help themself with public opinion, but wasn't this op called 'Op Samson'. If I'm not mistaken Samson was a physically (read miltarily) strong chap who ended up bringing down the temple around him. Now I'm not suggesting that the IDF are bored of the Middle East and would prefer St. Tropez, but it did cross my mind when I heard the operation name...