IDF on strike


Fifteen Golani Brigade soldiers were sentenced to seven to 28 days in a military prison for abandoning an IDF outpost near Gaza.

The soldiers abandoned the outpost in protest at what they said were the poor service conditions there, but returned a short while later.
Last March dozens of Golani troops left the Tze’elim training base without authorization after claiming that their rights had been violated. Most of the soldiers were sentenced to prison terms of up to 56 days.
Spent a while out in Israel and the state of IDF troops was shabby - baggy or creased uniforms is one thing, but gopping weapons is another!
Back in the late 80's when I had the opportunity to work with IDF personnel, I found them to be very professional but times change. Incidents like this are certainly indicative of problems in the ranks.
They are a conscript force. For many people it could be equivalent to being compelled to go to school.

Nevertheless, the IDF is still one heck of a military.

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