IDF officers abstain from UK visits for fear of arrest

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Jan 5, 2010.

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  2. Israel should remember this is a democracy where the rule of law is applied by an independant judiciary and it is not possible for the military or even the foreign office to give immunity from prosecution.

    If they do believe they have committed no crimes they will of course have nothing to fear, but itf they think they are guilty then sculking at home seems the best plan.
  3. I can't help but fel that it is a load of billhooks. Unless there are specific named individuals in the "frame" I cannot see how it is a real threat. Being an officer in the IDF is not an offence.
  4. Well, if they insist on sending indicted war criminals to the UK. They should not be surprised if they are arrested. Just because they think they are the master race and above the law, doesn't make it so.

    I hear Ratko Mladic also has the same restriction on travel.
  5. 'If they do believe they have committed no crimes they will of course have nothing to fear'

    Now where have I heard that before? Maybe it was from one of the 128 Liarbour MPs who had their MI5 files shredded as soon as they got into power.
  6. Klop.

    IIRC a former Israeli Foreign Minister cancelled her visit for exactly this reason, some self-important clown going to Westmisnter Magistrates Court and getting an arrest warrant issued.
  7. The Israelis are our enemies now? I thought they were the good guys.
  8. They are the good guys, they do what all decent countries should do and that is kill muslim terrorists and their supporters.

  9. 'Good guys'
    There's so many arguments that can be have as to the intention of that statement.

    Why are them deemed good guys, because they oppose the Islamic hoards from The West Bank, Jordan, Syria, Et Al?

    I personally think they're a bunch of self-righteous racist bully's with little regard for any other nation's rights and beliefs and use the Holocaust as a tool to beat down western criticism as being anti-semetic.

    I equally have no time for any of the warring factions that oppose the state of Israel but as arrogance goes they invented it, have the copyright and practise it perpetually.

    . . . And innocent men, women, children and journalists
  10. Fat Cav has a point, they are getting up there with a Adolfs mob, remember their response to kids throwing stones at 60ton of armoured tanks? Brass up everything in sight. The other side don't help themselves with the random Bomb, Rocket attacks either.
  11. Depends about what you mean by good really, do you mean good at being war criminals, good at terrorising your neighbor, good at selling your secrets to any one who will pay them.
  12. Whole lotta airburst WP used in Gaza.