IDF major wanted to be Iranian or Russian spy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Nov 24, 2007.

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  2. Unfortunately every armed forces has someone either willing to 'sell out' for money or misguided reasons, etc. He is not the first or the last.
  3. may be he was just board or something
  4. Or in need of cash flow!
  5. Gordon Brown and his PFIs for one.
  6. Yes, Arik, for example my father recalled a case then one Soviet oficer rang (rather attempted to ring) to American embassy in Moscow in 70's. He was disappointed very soon then he discovered that American diplomat he met was really a KGB operative..

    This case is interesting for another reasons. I believe that both Iran and Russia always have a lot of spies in Israel. There are rumourse that even former president Katzav was Iranian agent. Allegedly Shin Bet (Shabak) was suspicious and sent some female agents. The agents (as I understand it) failed to collect information that proves Katzav's guilt. And so called 'sexual scandal' was triggered.

    Btw, pres.Putin (likey through his agents) was well aware about details.