IDF hold BBC reporter at gunpoint

on the plus side they weretracking a weapon and it is therfore to be assumed said 15 yr old had hold of it, there was a Doctor and Paramedic in location and finally the reporter(?) was Orla Gory.......that well known anti-semetist and terrorist apologist.No tears here......... :twisted: As for being illegal............oh dont make me laugh.............we know all about illegal :wink:
LWM, I know our opinions on the Israel/Pal situation are diametrically opposed, and whilst I respect your opinion, the apology was as reported by the BBC.

I'm not sure I'd call Orla Guerin a terrorist apologist, or anti-semitic just because she doesn't toe the US/Israeli line. She has spent some time in the area and presumably has formed her own opinion - I'm sure if the BBC thought she was biased they'd move her.

I would be very wary of shooting a child on the assumption he might be carrying a weapon that was supposed to be in the area, but then the IDF aren't known for their strict adherence to ROE. If the boy definately had the weapon, and the soldiers inside the building were directly threatened, fair enough. I just think that incidents like this don't help either side in this mess.

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