IDF Film "Beaufort"

found this one by accident whilst trawling the Virgin 500 films to rent online last night.

Basically its set in Lebanon during the 2000 Israeli withdrawal. Focusing on a group of Golani soldiers stationed at the old Crusader fort of Beaufort. Not much in the way of action, but does show very well the hardships both physical & physcological that the average IDF grunt has to bear. Anyone who has ever spent time in a hardend shelter & endured sporadic mortar fire will i am sure bring back a few memories when watching this one.
Quite well put together, good acting, nice brooding atmosphere throughout.
I've heard good things about it
This is a good film. Based very heavily on actual events. The last post commander in 2000 (Lieutenant Liraz Liberti in the film) is said to be a battalion commander nowadays.

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