IDF concerned by low officer motivation to stay in military

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Jan 10, 2007.

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  2. This phenomenon has been growing in the last decade or so, where the military is in effect competing with industry in terms of wage packets and incentives. What was once a beneficial career has been eclipsed by other industries for long term career outlook.
  3. Am I right in thinking that a distinguished military career has been something a prerequisite for a high-level political career in Israel? If so, is that likely to change too?
  4. ... and Israel likely is not alone. There are similar problems in other countries. Let's ask our British friends about the phenomenon.
  5. No, e.g. Ehud Olmert, Netanyahu, Lieberman, Peretz, Peres, etc never had distinguished military service above and beyond the norm.
  6. "Combat support professions" am I right in thinking REMF?
    How are the teeth arms fixed?
  7. I thought the IDF was all conscript
  8. REMF? Who is your target? Please explain.
  9. The same problem persists in Septicstan. More to do with the special forces. Sign up, get to the special forces, get trained, grab a little experience and then go to Iraq as a merceanary and make obscene amounts of money.
  10. Netanyahu likes to talk about his brother's service, though.

    Also, I thought that there was concern about Olmert's lack of military experience?
  11. It is. There are no 'career' units in the conventional sense. Officers and career soldiers (WOs) sign up / extend their service, etc. When conscripts (in combat arms) go on to become officers (having beeen selected through the ranks on merit and suitability), they extend their mandatory service by a year and then can extend from there where they receive a proper income, etc and turn it into a real career.

    Pork Pie:
    Olmert - his lack of military career is only a draw back if he is does not take advice from his military advisers, like any PM. There have been plenty of 'non-career military' Israeli leaders.

    Netanyahu does not talk about his bro's service that I have seen, though I cant say that I have read any of Bibi's books. He also served in Sayeret Matkal but was not a career soldier.
  12. You are right Arik. LPT would have been right 30 years ago. Israel has shifted rightwards away from the sturdy Socialist Zionism of its founders.

    It is becoming a country of plump self regarding induvidualists. The ultra-orthodox are also demographically on the rise and they won't even serve in IDF. I know an IDF Colonel who insists if it wasn't for the Palestinians Israel's increasingly divided Jewish population would be at each others throats.

    Nice summary here.