IDF Chief flogged shares shortly after abduction of soldiers

ISRAELI MPs called last night on the country’s top soldier to resign amid reports that he sold his stock portfolio three hours after the July 12 Hezbollah raid that plunged Israel into a month-long conflict.

Lieutenant-General Dan Halutz, the Chief of Staff, has acknowledged that he sold 120,000 shekels (£14,600) of shares at noon, just after the Shia guerrillas abducted two soldiers in a cross-border attack.

It is a huge embarrassment for General Halutz, coming at a politically charged time when critics are excoriating the Goverment of Ehud Olmert and the army leadership for their handling of the conflict, amid complaints about preparations and equipment for troops,,172-2314962,00.html

So much for putting the welfare of his men before all else, what a tit.

*insert bad joke about Jews and making money* :wink:
Good discision.

Not being funny, but I bet a large number of shares were sold after that incident. By privates to generals and by numours civies.

Did any one else have to sit and wait as to what Isreal would actually do? I know I didn't!!! And when the rockets started coming in, then the gang bang was all set.

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