IDF and Human shields

Hmm... while it is certainly a possibility that this occured, one must keep in mind that the PLO and Hammas have found Reuters to be an open and useful conduit for propaganda so every story of this sort is suspect.
Bwaa-hah-hah! I'm certain AJ has already added some flare to the tale.. ;)


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These Hamas & PLO scum don't mind using their own kids as suicide bombers do they. Personally I couldn't give a stuff about palestinians.
IDF is the most human army in the World. Normally, human shield are not being used. This incident is rather a rare exception.

The Israel Defense Forces has suspended the commander of an operation in which troops ordered two Palestinian youths in the West Bank to stand in front of their vehicle to protect it from stones thrown by locals, the army spokesman's office said Friday.

Following the incident in which IDF soldiers apparently made prohibited use of civilians, GOC Central Command Yair Naveh ordered the suspension of the commander of the mission from all operational activity, in addition to the ongoing investigation into the matter, the IDF statement said.

Additionally, the chief military counsel has ordered a military police investigation into the incident, the statement said.
Human rights groups say the use of civilians in military operations has dropped sharply since the Supreme Court banned it outright in 2005
It is one of these rare cases

Thursday, April 15. After local Palestinians and Israeli activists saw a young boy being beaten by border police, the boy's mother sent a Palestinian man to try and help him and Rabbi Ascherman also approached the police. Both were arrested, along with a Swedish ISM activist.
The boy, crying, shaking from fear and eventually cold, was sat on the hood of a jeep and tied to the bars protecting the glass. The other three arrestees were bound and placed in front of a second jeep. After the arrests, local Palestinians began throwing stones, a number of them hitting the jeeps. The unit commander was Shahar Yitzhaki.

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