Ideological Brainwashing of British Youth?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Condottiere, Jan 15, 2014.

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  1. Well maybe these new Labour (not "New Labour") politicians will be more in the mould of Frank Field than Ed Balls. I've always thought that Frank Field has a lot of common sense.
  2. No Spider38 was blaming a political organisation called religion.
    I totally agree with him.
    A bit late posting this I now see.
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  3. I was brainwashed by some leggy, good looking WRAC at the recruiting centre into joining the Sigs instead of the Engineers.
    With twelve weeks basic training under my belt I couldn't wait for phase 2 trade training, all this in the hope of being surrounded by babes to take my pick from.

    The wait was greatly disappointing i can tell you!
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  4. Should've gone for the Int Corps then!
  5. Brilliant.. You are very speshul aren't you HARDMAN476.
  6. What are you? A bloody english teacher all of a sudden? I'm not this hardmong airsoft walt character!

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  7. You are however, in your JOE118118 persona, an utter gleet.
  8. See me after class

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  9. Perhaps this clipping from 1836 could be a good basis for modern education.


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  10. @CrabfatBILL Thread resurrection aside, do you realise the screenshot includes your name?
  11. Maybe he lives there?
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  12. There was no Internet in 1836.

    As eny fule kno.
  13. Near Willenhall !